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DewDude - Music Lover/Audiophile
United States

Posts: 144, Send Email

Date Registered: February 13, 2002
Last Post: RE: Basically what inmate Cut-Throat said....As usual at 11:29:02 on September 7, 2019
Systems: 1. Digital Thermionic Bliss
2. "Dammit Tubes!"
3. Digital Restoration Box - *HISTORICAL*
4. DJ system for small parties *HISTORICAL*
5. Grown up and moved out *HISTORICAL*
Interests/Hobbies: Coin-op technician by day; mostly pinball machines, jukeboxes, video arcade games, and slot machines; both the physical machines and the electronics behind them.

I also got in to this amateur radio stuff a couple years ago after an obsession with
Gender: Male

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