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jmunky3's Old School System
IP Address: Last Update: February 26, 2016 at 04:34:22
Amplifier: 1990s Japan Sony TA-AV601 Dolby Integrated Amp.

1990s Japan Pioneer SA-1290 Integrated Amp.
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): None
Speakers: Eton 19SD1 Silk Dome 3/4" Tweeters, Audax HM100Z0 Aerogel 4" Mids, Vintage White Frame Electro Voice 12" Alnico Coaxial Full Range, 1990s SS-U710AV Paper Cone 12" Woofers.

Each cab is or will be located 12-17 feet worth of speaker cable from Amplifier and Entertainment Center.

Housed top to bottom in 1 Tweeter, 1 Mid, 1 12" Full Range, 1 12" Woofer layout in each cab.

I may Bi-Wire Woofer or Full Range in same cabs at some point.
CD Player/DAC: 2001 JVC 3+1 CD+CD-R/RW Player/Home Burner
Turntable/Phono Stage: None
Other Source(s): Samsung Galaxy Note 4, XBox One, Top Tier LG HD Smart TV. Eventually a Hi-Rez/Def Music Player like PONO, A&K or Sony.
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Cheaper stuff at moment, waiting on getting new Amp, install of speakers mentioned, build new X Over, new internal cab wiring, etc. Before choosing and buying new speaker wire and interconnects.

I'm considering Audio Quest Black Mamba 2, Evergreen, Golden Gate and Big Sur. Kimber Hero and PBJ, DH Labs, Connex Silver, Pear Cable Cosc and Comice Silver, and a few other interconnects of similar cost and quality and getting them Cryo Treated. Also may add a solid silver or gold/silver conductor to + if conductors are only copper.

Main speaker wire I'm looking at is Kimber 4VS maybe 8VS, Pear Cable Bosc and Comice Silver speaker wires. I may also add another silver or silver/gold strand, foil, solid core or rectangle maybe copper wire, for +. I'd also get cryo treatment for wire.

If I Bi-Amp Woofers separately then another less expensive, but bigger AWG, made brand like QED or similar up to $2.5 a foot. (Speakers need 12-17 feet of cable for each of 2 cabs)

Undecided on new internal cab speaker wire. I'm planning on using specific AWG, wire material and wire type for each of the 4 speakers in cab. Maybe use great quality and designed base wire and add 1 or 2 additional conductors of specific type like silver or silver gold foil and silk oil or solid core and/or maybe copper rectangle + wire for Alnico Full Range Coaxial 12" speaker, 2/3/4 conductor per +/- copper base wire plus silver/gold solid core or silver foil with silk oil jacket, gold solid core, silver strand wire or rectangle copper wire for Audax Aerogel mids, 2-3 conductor base wire per +/- plus silver foil silk with oil jacket and or gold solid core wire, maybe heavy silver clad copper, rectangle copper or silver strand or solid core wire for Eton Silk Tweeters.
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Monster Power Pro Power Conditioner/Filter Analog Digital HiV HiAmp etc /Surge Protector that's isolated on separate circuit then lights and plugs in room. Only shares circuit with restroom.
Tweaks: I tend to cryogenically treat or use cryo treated options when I can. I also use WBT Lead 4% Silver Solder.
Room Size (LxWxH): 11 feet x 11 feet x 7.5 feet
Room Comments/Treatments: Walls are kind of thin, the left wall actually flexes and bumps things away from it on my wood storage desk when door to garage slams shut.

Left wall goes from straight to R at 45 angle for 2 feet continuing to front wall, angled wall is behind L speaker cab. Front wall has solid French door (when facing TV and Stereo) frame starts about 48" from far left wall and ends about 24" from far right wall. Towards back of right wall is a small 40" wide office closet with solid wood doors. Back wall has a large 5.5' long by about 4' tall window that has semi thin fabric drapes? Only Right wall is attached to another room. Front at Left wall are only walls for this room, its open living space on other sides, back wall is wall of house to yard.

Level with bottom of window is a larger, thickly padded gel/foam 6 foot long couch. Very short carpet floor. Dead center is a 4' wide fan eith 4 lights that hangs down 18".

There's no reverb or reflection of any music towards listener, though bass does amplify behind speakers through walls behind them, but not into the room itself. Floors outside room are hardwood and stone.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Classic/Southern/Brit Rock, Modern and Vintage Hard Rock, Nu Metal/Prog Metal, Grunge, Blues Rock, Blues, Gypsy/French/Classic American Jazz, Gypsy Punk, Reggae, Surf/Reggae Rock, Rockabilly, 1950s-early 1970s Soul/Blue Eyed Soul/Motown/Do-Op, 1960s-2010s Rn'B/Pop, 1990s-2010s Underground/Mainstream/Gangsta Rap/Hip Hop, Mainstream/Pop EDM, a lot of British Crown/UK Female Singers and N and S American Female Singers of all genres, some Acoustic and String/Piano/Horn based Chill to Rn'B to Folk Rock type music, Ethnic Music from India/Balkans/Middle East some classic to modern Country Music, some Folk Music, some Classic and Modern Opera (such as Katherine Jenkins)
System Goals/Comments: Looking for new or used Integrated Amp or maybe Pre-Amp Power-Amp together with total in same price range as Int Amp if it excells at desired sound more so then integrated amp.

Same positives as current setup, but better. Also significant improvements in other areas mentioned here and in weaknesses section.

Note strength and weakness section is with original Sony SS-U71OAV speakers and not new, uninstalled speakers listed.

I want biggest, deepest, 3D holographic soundstage.

Warm, natural, balanced, rich harmonics and lush acoustics.

Pretty good organic, inspiring musicality and harmonics to notes with solid sustain and great decay with transients, dynamics and delicate, low level detail in and out of good black background levels.

Conveys emotions, good and bad, very well. Inspires and intrigues, makes you get lost completely in the music for hours on end, lifts you of the ground into another realm or galaxy like out of body experience exceeding that of even an amazing live performance.

Excells at female voices, delicate, sweet, emotional yet powerful and raw too, while still very dynamic, organic and lush.

Does instruments with strings very well, such as acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, violins, mandolins, Sitar, etc.

Does well with brass/horns without harsh edged peaks aka smooth.

Has warm, rich audible bass guitar frequency range with decently tight and ok level of subsonic bass thump.

Electronic instruments like keys, organs and MIDI samples do reasonably well with organic, analog grime/filth with fairly good lushness and emotion.

Male voices have haunting, emotional quality, decent richness and balance, some power and smoothness.

Drums not much of a concern as long as they're crisp, natural, balanced and sit well near back of mix decently.

Individual instruments pop out of mix/group naturally, smoothly, with and from within a holographic 3D depth/height/width of soundstage location, like infinite layers and movement within a holographic 360 soundstage for each individual instrument and group within the presentation. Think like there was 18 speakers per group in 360 circle around you with in 12 groups creating a perfectly round sphere of speakers around you. Each speaker is perfect for each individual instrument and its group. Then have 16 full music speakers set up at 2 depths further away 8 in + layout for 2nd distance level away above and below head level. Furthest away 3rd level tier of 8 speakers are located in pattern in corners of room above and below head level. So.imagine these 2nd and 3rd level distance speakers and locations for creating even more complex and rich holographic soundstage plus the sphere of speakers for each of the

That's while still blending into group/mix in natural live way. Like if there's a group of 5 horns, 7 violins, 1 electric bass guitar, 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic guitar, 1 grand piano, 1 male singer and 3 female singers all playing a song together. You're listening to the entire mix and each group, but you can hear the subtle nuanced differences of each player and instrument/individual keys of the piano moving within each group in the mix and each instrument comes out from and through its own 3D locations within holographic soundstage but all still beautifully come though as a single group and as a whole band and performance.
System Strengths: Natural warm sound, allows emotional aspects to breathe decently. Decent audible bass with very good subsonic thump. No spikes, no harshness or ear fatigue, no stiffness or unnatural sound, nothing sounds brittle, very fluid.

System Weaknesses: Doesn't have big soundstage, not much or decent separation of individual instruments within group, doesn't have very much high end or high end extension, dynamics could be better (ok and blends with overall sound, but doesn't inspire or intrigue)
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: 2014/15 LG 42" Smart TV
Sources (DVD/VCR): XBox One
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Guitar Player, guitar tube amp and guitar tech. Play shows time to time and help friends in bands and producers record, get certian sound and pick/modify gear. Car audio. Love billiards even though I don't play much anymore, I still have both my custom cues past 17 years.

Also into Cars, Boats, ATVs, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles. Fly Fishing, Lake, River and Ocean fishing for various fish with regular rod and reel and fly rod. Camping and time outdoors, especially camping then going to concerts at Gorge Amphitheater, then camping more or heading to Lake Chelan or spending time on the Columbia River. Love being on the water or in the mountains, especially in the snow. I also love the tropics like the Cribbean, Hawaii and the Gulf Coast. Swimming and diving there. Bit of an adrenaline junky as I love sky diving, high speeds when safe, paintball, rides like Big Shot on Stratosphere, killer roller coasters, zip lining, etc.

3 things I love the most are though is family, love of a good woman and music. Music kept me from wasting my life and getting in trouble, playing and listening helped me to control my temper, deal with emotions and make better friends since 1994. Its even my secret weapon when I played billiards in tournaments and for fun.

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