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bartc's Living Room System
IP Address: Last Update: September 02, 2010 at 07:47:50
Amplifier: NAD C740 integrated receiver/amp.
Subwoofer only is EQed by a Behringer Feedback Destroyer DSP 1124 Pro unit.
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Integrated; use a Musical Fidelity X10d tube buffer between CDP and preamp.
Speakers: Von Schweikert VR1s; Onix Rocket ULW 10" sub modified with single EQ 600 W plate amp.
CD Player/DAC: NAD C542 single disc; Zhaolu 2.5 outboard DAC with DIYed power supply.
Turntable/Phono Stage: None - gave up on vinyl decades ago!
Other Source(s): FM through external Radio Shack FM specific antenna, 75 ohm RG6 quad shield cabling & Radio Shack 10db signal amplifier.
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Auricle Audio Design speaker cables.

DAC is connected to analog MF X10D and X10D to amp with Auricle Audio Design's 'Encore Ka' alloy ICs with low metal mass terminations.

New Audio Metallurgy Digital Zero air dielectric IC (GA-0) connects CDP to DAC.

PNF sub ICs.

Silvery First silver cables between preamp and amp.

Several DIY PCs - amp has Ven Haus Audio raw wire cryoed with cryoed Oyaide P079 plug. Most PCs are Ven Haus designs DIYed, with either Oyaide or Furu plugs and IECs.

Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Wall outlet is Oyaide R1 with carbon fiber wall plate DIYed.

Jon Risch 'Quick & Dirty Isolation Transformer' RFI filtering power strip for digital with Furu outlet. For analog, DIY unfiltered power strip using Oyaide SWO-XXX and Ultimo SWO-XXX outlets, Alan Maher's dual twist AC cord with Oyaide P079 plug.

Power Wraps on PCs and coax for FM.

Al Sekela's design on parallel AC R-C filters with TI-shield grounded in several places. R-C Ti-Shield and grounded speaker cable filters too.

Alan Maher Designs Infinity & Signature CBF AC filter (passive)and DIYs on circuit breaker box and all over the system. DIY clone of AR ground filter under CDP & amp.

DIY "ground control" pigtails on both ends of speaker cables and on RCAs into all the units, including the sub, all to the negative poles ONLY.

Al Sekela's designs for several Ti-Shielded and grounded parallel R-C filters, including on power cords in several places.

DIY speaker stands, 4 legs of copper 3/4' pipe and crossbraced at bottom/top, mock spikes on bottom, dead balls on top, topped with plate of 1/2' foot square saltillo tile to seat the speaker.

DIY component rack made of copper pipe, with DIY roller balls supporting shelves and components. Symposium clone shelves.

Behringer Feedback Destroyer 1124P for sub EQ only - not connected to main speakers.
Tweaks: 'Dead balls' in roller assemblies supporting and symp clone shelves under amp, NAD CDP, and Behringer DSP.

Taddeo Digital Antidote II Passive between per and amp.

DIY cable elevators.

CAIG ProGold on all connections.

Carbon fiber used on outlet cover and around some plugs.

Speakers on Herbie's gabon mahogany hemispherical footers with layer of Herbie's anti-vibraton elastomer between.

Ground Control clones on amp, speakers, and sub amp.
Room Size (LxWxH): 24' x 14' x 9'
Room Comments/Treatments: 2 Q&D DIY bass trap in corner nearest listening position and one in corner behind sub. Odd config to room. Listening position is 10' from speakers across width of room - short wall placement. Right side wall is almost totally glass door; left side opens up to foyer, hallway system; suspended laminate floors echo across house.

Felt dots in ceiling corners.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Jazz, classical (mostly Impressionist or early music), world, some rock/pop but not much, blues, bluegrass, folk, ethnographic & ecclectic stuff. Like rich bass and drums.
System Goals/Comments: Natural, realistic instrumental rendition with balanced sound characteristics. Do not listen loud, so quality is more important than power. Not looking for bragging rights and would rather have the pleasure of DIY triumphs than the highest cost hi-end stuff! Music is my goal; then I stop and listen.
System Strengths: Surprisingly good soundstage, detail and punch. Very good bass down to below 20Hz and rich midtones and upper bass. Sub and LF seriously enhanced and tight due to BFD EQ unit. Much greater 3D imaging and detail in LF & HF due to addition of Ground Control clones and Maher CBFs (and clones).
System Weaknesses: Room and house are very poorly soundproofed; not a system weakness, but a major challenge to listening! WAF? Forget it!
Video/HT System: None

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