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bruckner9's crispy System
IP Address: Last Update: April 29, 2019 at 18:34:01
Amplifier: Schiit Ragnarok Integrated Amp

Line Magnetic LM-518A Integrated Amp

2 Conrad Johnson Premier 11a amps;

George Wright 25W monoblocks (pair);

HIGHLY modified Quad 405;

Modified Hafler 200;

Dyna mkIII's.

Jasmine Serenade Int Amp.
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Conrad Johnson Premier 16 Series II;

Two Conrad Johnson Premier 14 preamps;

Three Audible Illusions preamps: one Modulus 3, and two Modulus 3A's.
Speakers: Audio Physics Virgos;

Spendor SP100's;

Epos 11's;

2 pairs of Spendor LS 3/5a's;

1 pair of Rogers LS 3/5a/s;

2 pairs of NHT Superones;

1 pair of NHT Super Zeros;

Velodyne 1500;

Velodyne 1800.

Two pair of Grado Headphones, one pair of Sennheiser HD600 Headphones, two pairs of Sony MDR-1R headphones.

Have had various JBL speakers (L-100, etc), Bozaks, KLH, Epicure, original Quad 57's (for 23 years), and 2 models of Martin Logans, and now the Virgos and Spendors/Rogers, etc.

KEF LS50's (Glossy White)
CD Player/DAC: (4)




Optimus CD-3400
Turntable/Phono Stage: Currently:

Well Tempered Amadeus, Well Tempered Lab DPS (power supply), with Dynavector XX-2 L.O.

Roksan Xerxes X table (Black plinth), with the newest Artemiz arm/1.5 power supply, and Dynavector XX-2 H.0

Roksan Xerxes X table (Rosewood plinth), with Artemiz arm/1.5 power supply, and Dynavector XX-2 L.0.

Thorens TD-124 MKI w/RB600 arm, cardas wire/Audio Origami counterweight, Dynavector 10x5, Glossy Red paint on stacked birch ply plinth, on a Neuance shelf

Thorens TD124 MKII w/Jelco 850S (LOVE IT), Dyna XX-2, bright green plinth, on a Neuance shelf

Garrard 301 Grease Bearing (Audio Grail/Chris Harban Woodsong Audio total restoration....new paint, et al), non strobe platter, alternate font plates, Torlon lined main bearing, etc., Jelco 750L with Zu 103 II, on a Neuance shelf

Garrard 301 Oil Bearing (Loricraft restored mechanics, original paint, etc), cream finish, non-strobe marked platter, Jelco 750L arm, Dyna XX-2 L.O. w/Andy Kim (Seattle) rebuild, stacked birch ply plinth, "Tide" detergent glossy paint (from local Lexus dealer painter)

Rega P9 (Cherrywood), w/RB1000 arm

Rega P9 (Maple wood), w/RB1000 arm

Rega RP6 (Gloss Black) w/303 arm

Rega P25 (Maple surround) w/rb600

Rega P25 (Black surround) w/rb300 arm/cardas wire/expr counterweight

Rega P5 (Black surround) w/rb700, external PS

Rega P3 w/rb300 (yellow color), still new in box

Rega P3 (purple/lavender),with RB300 w/expressimo counterweight/cardas wiring, etc

Rega P2 w/RB250, Shure V15 TypeIII

Audio-Technica Sound Burger (Red) w/proprietary cartridge (LOVE this thing w/my Grado Headphones!! FUN listening!!!)

Nottingham Spacedeck (short platter) w/Roksan Artemiz tonearm and Boston Audio Mat 1, Benz cart

Nottingham Spacedeck (tall platter) w/Ace-Space Arm, and Wave Mechanic, Shelter 501 cart

Nottingham Interspace. with a rewired Rega RB 600 and dropped counterweight

VPI Scout w/JWM 9 arm, Dyna 10x4

Vpi Scout w/JWM 9 arm, Dyna 10x5

VPI Scoutmaster w/JWM 9 arm

Sony TTS-3000, with Rabco 8 straight arm

Panasonic SL1600 II, with Shure V15 MKII


Three additional Rega RB300 arms, all modified with cardas wiring and michell counterweight

Two additional Rega RB600 arms, likewise modified with michell counterweights

Current additional cartridges:

Benz Glider

Dynavector 10X5 (four of them)

Dynavector 10 x 4

Dyna XX-2: two of them; one a low output, the other a high output

Shelter 501 (Crown Jewel)

Shure V15 Type III

Seven phono stages:

EAR 834P (modified)

George Wright phono stages (5 of them):
two WPP100's
one WPPC200
two Signature Series "AG" units

Jasmine 2.0 phono stage (w/Fernando Cruz Mods. surprisingly great unit for the money!)

Seven Pair of Step-up Transformers:

Wright step-up transformer (Sowters)

K & K step-up transformers (3 of them)

One pair of Bent Audio MU MC Step up Transformers

Audio-Technica step up unit

Two Bob's Devices Cinemag 1131 SUT's, both 1:20/1:40 switchable

Six Record Cleaning Machines:

Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional (SPECTACULAR machine!)

Loricraft PRC-4

Nitty Gritty Mini Pros (two of them)

VPI Typhoon

VPI model 17 F

Ultrasonic unit (9 Liter; $160), with a Vinyl Stack ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit ($290). Works super!!

Other Source(s): Revox A77 (MK IV) R2R deck

Teac X-2000R R2R deck

Tandberg 3014 Cassette deck

Nakamichi CR-7a Cassette deck

Denon DR790R Cassette deck

2 Luxman tuners

Accuphase T-1000 tuner (SUPER!)

Marantz 2238 receiver

Marantz 2015 receiver

Marantz 2020B receiver

Marantz Model 20 receiver

Kenwood 7300 receiver

Revox Integrated Amp

tons of other stuff (cassette decks, tuners, older tables, etc.

Six Tivoli Model One table radios....various wood finishes (LOVE these guys!)

Tivoli Model Two table radio (stereo)
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables

Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables

Nordost Flatline speaker cables

Kimber PBJ, and Hero interconnects

Nordost Flatline, Blue Heaven, and Red Dawn interconnects
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Six Neuance Shelves

PS Audio P300 (turntables)

35 cases of unopened NOS 12" reel to reel tape (maxell, tdk, sony, etc), and 22 cases of unopened 7" (ampex, sony, scotch, maxell) reel tape. 2,430 new, NOS, unopened cassette tapes (maxell, tdk, denon, sony, fuji, etc.

Over 57,000 LP's (no typo! lol), 5,000 CD's, 515 prerecorded cassettes, 280 prerecorded reel to reel tapes
Tweaks: 6 NEUANCE shelves, for phono sections/preamps/turntables, etc.

Vinyl Flat (for warped/dished records. btw....works great!).
Room Comments/Treatments: cathedral (wood) ceiling. nice sound.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Classical (seriously!), Jazz, Pop, Oldies, Older Rock, misc.
System Goals/Comments: sounds good now.
System Strengths: Very natural sounding. Very 'listenable'. Dynamic, creamy, crispy. it's ALIVE!
System Weaknesses: nothing major.
Video/HT System: None
TV/Projector: Samsung 60" Hi Def TV.

Sharp 60" Hi Def Tv.
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: Pioneer 5 channel (forgot the model number)
Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): NHT mains, satellites; velodyne 18 sub
Sources (DVD/VCR): 2 DVD players
Other HT Gear: bunch of stuff
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: photography, travel, wine, baseball, record collecting, classical music

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