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jimvette8@aol.com 's Jimvette8 System
IP Address: Last Update: March 03, 2008 at 12:16:38
Amplifier: PS Audio HCA-2
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Conrad Johnson PV-1 (modded)
Speakers: Magnapan 1.6
CD Player/DAC: Oppo dvd player, GW up sampler, ART dac
Turntable/Phono Stage: Merril/AR, Hadcock 242 arm, Grado XTZ
EAR 834P (modded)
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Audioquest Python
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): PS Audio P-300 and Ultimate Outlets
PS Audio and Kimber AC cords
Tweaks: Target Shelfs, Mapples Shade shelfs and footers, Black Diamond Racing Shelfs and Cones, Nordost points, etc.
Room Comments/Treatments: Minimal
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Jazz, Female Vocal
System Goals/Comments: Tone and to a lesser degree imaging
System Strengths: .
System Weaknesses: .
Video/HT System: None

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