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Gallery John C. - Aussie - Music Lover/Audiophile
Northern Tasmania, Australia

Posts: 5095, Send Email

Date Registered: November 9, 1999
Last Post: The Gramophone Selects 50 outstanding pianists at 17:11:25 on May 20, 2022
Systems: 1. Headphone Music
2. Surround Sound 7.1 all electrostatic HT/music
3. Office (in home)
4. Main MUSIC LISTENING room - sunroom
5. John C. - Aussie downstairs exercise room
Occupation: Retired from maths teaching/department administration, beef & dairy farming (& dairy politics), small business (accommodation) tourism/tourism organisation administration & newsletters, land development of a former family property.
Interests/Hobbies: Cars (BMW 540i), travel (60+ countries), photography (Nikon D7500)
Audio obsession has now extended to video.
Other: After a lifetime of the politics involved with responsibility for students, fellow business people in organisations, rearing a family etc, retirement offers a nice retreat where the magor responsibility is wife and self.
Gender: Male
Age: 82
Birthday: September 15, 1935
Yahoo! Messenger Handle: jcoulsonau

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