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Feedback for Vinyl Valet

Vinyl Valet - Dealer, Big Ear Stereo
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Tempe, Arizona, United States

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Date Registered: November 13, 2003
Last Post: Forced or Slave Labor Sounds Very Much Like... at 08:09:32 on September 18, 2022
Occupation: Value oriented home stereo retailer. No theatre or home automation. Just good, old fashion, high quality, high fidelity stereo. I also perform custom builds, modifications, repairs and have an inventory of vintage gear I'm restoring for resale.
Interests/Hobbies: Family fun (perfect wife of 30 yrs, awesome sons, 22 & 24), surfing, scuba, yoga, playing keyboards, guitar & bass, recording & listening to music, building pro & home audio gear, refurbishing vintage gear, boating, fishing, reading, NFL.
Other: 26 years experience: design & test of analog, digital & mixed signal ICs for use in pacemakers.

50 years experience building, modifying, restoring & troubleshooting pro & consumer audio gear. I prefer working with vacuum tubes.
Gender: Male
Age: 66

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