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houseofmouses345's in the Poor House System
IP Address: Last Update: March 05, 2011 at 19:30:53
Amplifier: Audio Research Classic 150 Modified Monoblox for TopEnd,Bryston 14BST for Woofs
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Audio Research Ref 2 MK II Run all "Balanced"
Speakers: Infinity Betas (last iteration), with Modified(up-dated)wiring,X-Overs, Modded(better quality parts,wiring,etc.) in "Bass Servo Controller.
CD Player/DAC: work in progress..currently ARC DAC 3, with Esoteric P-2Transport. Prefer Vastly Superior VINYL.
Turntable/Phono Stage: SOTA COSMOS, Graham 1.5tceramic wands(updated to 2,,,or wherever I took it--memory goin!! Clearaudio "Accurate", Koetsu "Urushi"(0ld One!),Benz "Ruby"(another Old One), AudioQuest "7000", Talisman "S", Genesis "1000 Alpha MK II"(really showin' my age,now!!). Audio Research REF Phono Stage. The "Clearaudio Accurate" my Favorite,, although, the OLD "Koetsu URUSHI" has lots,lots goin for it !!
Other Source(s): Too, Too many "Wires" to get into--30 years worth of 'Good Stuff; like the "DISCOVERY" after many, a many long listen for Speakers. Interconnects, once again, just whatever is in system at time (just can't seem to leave well enuff alone, however--sound familiar ??)
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: See above, "Other Sources",,will update when have more time, better memory!! 30 years worth of goodies !
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Dedicated 20Amp Lines run to "Main Dedicated Listening Room". Not a believer in "Power Conditioners". Love my cheap, generic Record Vacuum and Homemade Vinyl cleaner. Lotsa tweeks, setup tools, stash of various Tubes,, too,too many other to fool with listing. Guitar and Tube Amp repair Tools and Parts fill a spare Office, which serves as 'Repair Station', guitar Amp/Cabinet/Speaker Room. I have too much stuff from a lifetime of this Certain MADNESS !!!
Tweaks: Like the "Mapleshade" stuff; their really radical,super heavy, Brass "Ultimate Triplepoints" really like. Lotsa stuff,,some homemade that smoke, some...well, have been waste of $$,and I've proven YOU CANNOT HEAR the HYPE, and PRICEPOINT doesn't guarantee a friggin' thing(sad,sad world-an awful state of affairs !!! I learned the expensive way !!) Sumiko "FluxBuster", cheap,and expensive Cartridge Weight scales. Various "Mystery Liquids,goops,etc" for CD's, interconnect tretments, ad infinitum. Best Money spent on GOOD VINYL LP VACUUM and GOOD CLEANING FLUID and good Groove Brush (stiffer the better--clean soakin' wet, though)
Room Size (LxWxH): Ill measure x and x update
Room Comments/Treatments: DEDICATED AUDIO ROOM filled with "corner traps"/"Tubes", even have Old Pair "PhantomAcoustics Shadows" active Tubular Corner Treatments !! Hemholtz traps,etc. some Homemade Panels (cheap work great).
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): ALL IS WONDERFUL. It's my Life !! I'm in business, and was touring Audio Engineer,Monitor Mixer, Tour Manager for many a year(back in "The DAY"), worked with Promoter, did "World Tours" so I know Sound of Real Music of all Genres Played in Real Space, in incredibly varied venues throughout the world. Lucky to have Job that you CAN LOVE and LIVE !!!
System Goals/Comments: TO GET AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO REPRODUCING "REAL MUSICIANS, PERFORMING QUALITY MUSIC, IN REAL SPACE/VENUES"...Never ending Quest, but that's the FUN of it, ain't it now !! Gotten damned expensive, though !!
System Weaknesses: Just wish I could STOP the inevitable "equipment chase",STOP listening to the Equipment, and Just LISTEN/HEAR the MUSIC !! But, it's the real-life of a true Audioholic (and I am!!). That "snake that eats it's own tail",,,,,but,,,gotta' admit, very,very damned little in this increasingly difficult world to live in, ain't much else in which I find this much Honest, Visceral Pleasure and Enjoyment of the Pursuit (oops, apologies for the sappy Philosophy...it just oozed out when I started thinkin' ANALOG !! (see above).
Video/HT System: Separate
TV/Projector: MITSUBISHI "TUBE" 40" diag. TV (old, never,never had any trouble !!) No longer made, largest Tube ever
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: Denon "Sonic Solutions" Modified DVD 2900, "Cinema Grand" Power Amp, "Kenwood" VR-4900 Receiver

Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): Infinity "Preludes" Fronts/center/surrounds. Infinity 2-12's powered sub
Sources (DVD/VCR): see above for "Denon DVD 2900" info. ATT U-Verse for now.
Other HT Gear: Tweeks, cables, etx. updated later date. Worry about my Analog for now. Watching TV is,well, watching TV (movies being exception, and NO game units in this home--Childless marriage,,which does explain part of my digital idioticy, I reckon, as I CERTAINLY didn't "grow up" with them, and haven't had any 'younguns' to teach me, except for the young turks (hah !! wannabe Hippies) in my office ! forgive me Todd and Melanie, please!
Comments on HT System: Has been ignored, as I'm NOT a VIDIOT. Gotta' get Blu-Ray, Good LED Monitor, new Reciever (Denon 4311?) I'm an ANALOG AUDIO Believer of the highest order (if that hasn't been made clear). I just can't get the DIGITS to "Speak", make "Real Music in Real Spaces yet",,just need to spend more $$ on CURRENT Gear, I know, I know.
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Guitar Player. Lotsa great Tube Guitar Amps, Cab/Speaker combinations. I'm in the "Live Music Business" (enuff said about that)

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