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thump 's thumper 500w+ BICYCLE street party system System
IP Address: Last Update: November 12, 2016 at 03:38:46
Amplifier: planet audio BB1200.4 4 channel class D 12v amp with the front channels powering my mains and the rear channels bridged mono to power the sub
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): none (yet, but i might add a massive audio EQ7 clarion clone 7 band EQ later)
Speakers: 96dB proel flash 8P 8" PA speakers with celestion drivers including a titanium waveguide as mains (eventually plugging their ports) soon to be supplemented by a JBL GT15 15" sub in a 1.9 cubic foot sealed box
CD Player/DAC: xduoo X2 media player with a 16GB soundcard playing uncompressed WAVs. (EQed with a bass boost for now until i add the sub)
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: generic 1/8" mini to RCA connectors to be supplemented by generic RCA female to 2x male splitters when i bi-amp and DIY 8 & 10 gauge wiring for power distribution and the subs and some generic 12 gauge round cable to replace the undersized 12 gauge zip cord i'm now using on my proel's neutrik connectors
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): EVENTUALLY, 4x 12v @ 18aH AGM batteries that will be needed for both the subwoofer as well as light show, but am using just 1 battery for the bare bones proel only system. my battery charger is a battery tender plus.
Tweaks: when i get the sub, i'll plug my proel ports to tighten their sound up
Room Comments/Treatments: the great OUTDOORS will be "my room" and i will treat it to all the upbeat & funky music that's being suppressed by so many negativity spouting knuckleheads
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): UPBEAT & instrumental funk heavy dance beats including old school (REAL as in ANTI-gangsta) hip-hop, funk, nu jazz, disco and a little bit of funkier techno
System Goals/Comments: to fight back against all the gangsta crap & banda only in this town and it's lead footed aggressive driving car culture and to get ladies especially dancing downtown and at various events as well as FINALLY having beats WORTH dancing to for myself. to network with other cyclists who want to cruise with my beats. to outdo this town's "loud bike" system in SPL, SQ and better taste in music.
System Strengths: the proels are very hifi sounding for mini PA speakers, the JBL 15" sub with 14mm xmax & 92dB efficiency should move a lot of air, class D efficiency with a nice relaxed SQ, it's a BICYCLE system, the sub will be sealed for better SQ, it will be thumb controlled when i mount the media player on my handlebars, and to top it off, it will be a rolling sound activated lightshow unlike anything anyone in the world has YET.
System Weaknesses: it will be HEAVY with heavy mains, a heavy sub, and extra heavy AGM batteries (i'll eventually upgrade to li-poly when i can afford it), it's taking forever to put together, the mains are ported and have plastic cabinets, & it will be driver/power limited as well as an outdoor system which will limit the effectiveness of a single sub, it will use a heavier 15" sub where a smaller one, or the 4x12s i originally intended would be both more efficient, and snap faster. without a sub, the proels are seriously bass challenged with their 70Hz rating. there WILL be a lot of haters who will be jealous that my bike sounds better than their car, unlike them, women are dancing to my system, or because they can't dance themselves and simply hate music made by other races because they're useless idiots.
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: 5 sound activated "LED sunflowers" mounted inside a nylon shell on the top and all 4 sides turning the system into a rolling light show with a sound system hidden inside
Other HT Gear: i'll need to add a power inverter to convert the 12v into AC to power the sunflowers
URL Link: http://usr.audioasylum.com/images/7/71618/complete_system_png_800x448.jpg

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