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Fluter's Primary System
IP Address: Last Update: January 30, 2024 at 14:05:10
Amplifier: The following in monthly rotation drive extensively revised & rebuilt Magnepan 1.6QR's as satellites:

[ ] Ampzilla 2000 Second Edition (James Bongiorno designed monoblock pair) powered via OEM captive & welded AC / (24') of Nanotec Music Strada #211 balanced via Oyaide Focus 1 XLR's on inputs / output carried by (1m) Nanotec Systems PTC-1 Speaker Cable PC-Triple C+Colloidal Liquid (Gold:95%・Silver:5% 1.5-Density)

[ ] Benchmark AHB2 (monoblock pair) powered via Hospital grade lockable IEC AC / (24') of Nanotec Music Strada #211 balanced via Oyaide Focus 1 XLR's on inputs / output carried by Benchmark's cables & Speakon 2-pole connectors (NOTE: I elect to use the low-distortion Speakon-based output option however the trade-off is this denies the physical ability to use most boutique IEC 320 C13 AC connectors in the AHB2's congested rear panel.)

[ ] Bob Smith TDSS Level 3(+) nuforce Reference 9v3's (Alpha monoblock pair) powered via Bob's MBB-AC Mobile Bus Bars & Furutech FI-28(G)'s (now sporting an internal capacitor board replacement via TDSS' innovative CapCell-Bar between power supply and amplifier modules) / input via balanced (1m) VH Audio Symmetry Cu (or 1.5m MG Audio AG2 balanced silver ribbons) / output via extended Blue Jeans Ten White (5T00UP) cable

[x] Bob Smith TDSS Level 3(+) nuforce Reference 9v3's (Bravo monoblock pair) powered via VH Audio Flavor 4's AC / (24') of Nanotec Music Strada #211 balanced via Oyaide Focus 1 XLR's on inputs / output via (2m) of NORDEast(sic) Valhalla-2's

[ ] Van Alstine DVA M225 monoblock pair with DIY Viborg 1606 cable & VM512G+VF512G connectors for the AC feed / (24') of Nanotec Music Strada #211 balanced via Oyaide Focus 1 XLR's on inputs and (6') of Belden Iconoclast Series 1 carry the output juice to the 1.6QR's

[x] [Continuous Duty & Low-Freq Only] Marsh A400s fed by Grover Huffman balanced from an NHT X2 active crossover and fueled by a TDSS (Bob Smith) MBB-AC Mobile Bus Bar / output carried to legacy Audio Concepts 12" passive subwoofer pair via Analysis Plus Silver Oval cables
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): [x] Aesthetix Janus Reference (factory upgraded) NOS small signal tubes (Baldwin/Amperex 12AX7 & Tungsram 7DJ8) in line section; phono unpopulated) lit with a VH Audio AirSine AC cord (Tip o' Hat to Duster).

[x] Primary XLR Output (full-range): Anti-Cables Level 3.1 ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors to BSG qol Signal Completion Stage

[x] Secondary XLR Output (subwoofer): Monoprice Monolith (1m) to NHT X2 active crossover
Speakers: [x] Full range -> Magnepan 1.6QR's given the "Peter Gunn/Magnestand" treatment with revised outboard crossovers (sans fuses) and customized hardwood frames

[x] VLF -> Audio Concepts passive 12" subwoofer pair

[x] NHT X2 Active Crossover used on secondary pre-amp balanced output leaves primary output untouched with the 1.6QR's inherent roll-off intact (which is extended somewhat with the new crossovers). Crossover point varies but typically ranges from 35-60Hz depending on mood :-))

---- < under restoration/optimization > ----
[ ] Eminent Technology LFT-8b upgraded to an 8b+ state with Path Audio 12 ohm attenuation on Neodymium supertweeters and current state woofers installed with 35uf Solens + 1.5 ohm 10W Mundorfs in shunt per Davey's guidance for out of band resonance peak suppression. Extensive driver mounting hardware replaced as needed. (Great support by Bruce Thigpen)
> COMMENT: I found the electrical components used in the original 8b crossovers to be distressingly pedestrian and necessitating a complete rebuild effort.
CD Player/DAC: [x] MediaPC: Win7 & Foobar 2000 v2.0, Daum PotPlayer version 230707

[x] Benchmark DAC3 HGC energized by an Oyaide Black Mamba V2 Sigma AC modded with Furutech FI-46 NCF (G) / output via (1.5m) MG Audio AG2 balanced silver ribbons


[x] (1.5m) Supra USB High Speed (90 ohm Tin Plated OFC) on MediaPC motherboard's USB 2.0 A port (Etron Tech USB controller) to a Wyred4Sound ISO Recovery's B port, provided w/external and dedicated +5vDC linear supply; which is further scrubbed and smoothed by Wyred4Sound's DC Recovery device. The now re-clocked and galvanic isolated symbol/pulse train is transported to the DAC3 by various USB 2.0 A/B candidate interconnections, including:

[ ] generic A/B type adapter (i.e. cable-less)
[ ] (6") generic
[ ] (6') Belkin Gold
[ ] (1') Anaudiophile Canare L-4E6S 4N OFC Copper [ stranded ] > NOTE: OEM TDK ferrite removed & tossed
[ ] (1m) Curious (The Elder) [ outboard 5vDC micro coax ]
[ ] (1') Ghent Audio (U01) standard Silver-plated [ stranded ]
[ ] (2m) Monoprice Monolith
[x] (1') Pine Tree Banshee Silver-plated [ outboard 5vDC line ]
[?] (--) Grey Knight Silver-plated (TBO)
[?] (1.5m) AIM UA3-R015 USB 2.0 (TBO) (el34eh mention)

I am interested in testing USB 3.x capable host ports against standard 2.0 ports for audio.

[x] JVC SACD player with Lifatec glass fiber
[ ] (Schiit Gungnir / base model held as backup DAC)
[x] Rotel RCD-1072 (backup Redbook/HDCD deck) feeding:

[x] (1.3m) Oyaide DR-510 Silver core coax S/PDIF
[ ] Blue Jeans / Belden 1694A "Brilliance" precision digital video coaxial (75ohm) & Canare (75ohm) RCA's S/PDIF
[ ] Anticables S/PDIF
Turntable/Phono Stage: [x] Kenwood KD-500 DD w/Infinity Black Widow tonearm
[x] Grover Huffman DIN to RCA phono cable
[ ] Eminent Technology ET-2 linear tracker


Moving Coil:
[ ] audio-technica AT-ART9
[ ] Zu Audio Zu/DL-103R Mk.II

Moving Magnet:
[ ] audio-technica Signet TK-7E
[ ] Ortofon 2M Black
[ ] Shure V15 Type V-MR
[x] Shure V15Vx MR

Vacuum state phono:

[x] Aesthetix Rhea charged via (1.4m?) Nanotec 3J modded with Oyaide 004 AC connectors, unplated Beryllium Copper bladed terminations
??? OUTPUT ???

Solid state phono:

[x] Ayre P-5xe fed by Mad Scientist Audio Basic AC / ??? OUTPUT ???
Other Source(s): [x] DIY MediaPC - Windows 7 w/element-m USB
Take 5 Audio/Cryo'ed Bob Crump AC)

[x] JVC DD-VR77 cassette
(captive AC & Black Cat RCA cabling)

[ ] Onkyo T-9090II FM Tuner

[x] Carver TX-11a AM/FM Tuner
(captive AC & XLO RCA cabling)

Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: All balanced (XLR) excluding Tuners and Tape:

[x] (1.5m) MG Audio Design AG2 balanced silver ribbons on DAC
- Analysis Plus (Silver Oval In interconnect and speakers)
[x] Anti-Cables (interconnect and AC)
[x] Blue Jeans / Belden 5T00UP (20'+ speakers - luv those welded bananas)
[x] VH Audio (Symmetry Cu XLR interconnect and Airsine AC)
[x] Oyaide Black Mamba Sigma v2 OEM AC cable (and DIY with various terminations)
[x] Nanotec (interconnect and AC)
[x] Mad Scientist Audio (AC)
[x] Monoprice Monolith
[x] Furutech AC connectors/outlets
[x] Oyaide AC connectors/outlets
---- and a further multiplicity of spare interconnects used & tested at various times
Xangsane/Grey Knight AC cords
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): [x] Tripp-Lite & Maryland Toroid Corp. isolation transformers
[x] 3x ZenWave Audio SurgeX based conditioners / surge protectors (SX1120-RT & (2) SEQ's) with various cryo'ed/high-end AC outlets and 20A IEC feeds)
Tweaks: <> Herbies Audio Lab tube dampers, Tenderfeet (DAC, Rhea) & Iso-Cup/Ball isolators for Alpha TDSS/nuforce, Ampzilla and A400s amplification components; Iso-Cups on outboard crossover enclosures
Bybee treatments between crossover outputs and 1.6QR panels
Copper ingots for component mass loading,
Vibrapods for AHB2 & TDSS/nuforce Bravo monoblock amplifiers
Room Comments/Treatments: [x] Audiophile grade Clutter ;-) (this is a lazy Bachelor pad after all)
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): NETWORK STREAMS:

- Global Swing Broadcast - Sweden
- - { http://listen.gsb.fm:8888/autodj }
- Radio Paradise - Mellow Mix
- - { http://stream.radioparadise.com/mellow-flacm }
- All Classical Portland
- - { http://allclassical-ice.streamguys.com/ac96k }
- Mother Earth - Instrumental (FLAC 24b/192kHz) | Vinyl
- - { http://server9.streamserver24.com:18920/motherearth.instrumental }

- Count Basie all good, including:
- - - BBCtv - Count Basie and his Orchestra (1965)
- - - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHMYhajNtNg
- Buddy Rich - West Side Story (Best of, Pacific Jazz Years)
- Duke Ellington (w/Johnny Hodges Play Back to Back - SACD), (Blues in Orbit)
- - - [Denmark TV] (1965)
- - - https://youtu.be/3Uz0nPZQmoI
- Randy Crawford & Joe Sample: End of the Line (Feeling Good album)
- Lou Rawls: Christmas Is! (Christmas Cocktails album)
- Viktoria Mullova - 6 Solo Sonatas and Partitas (onyx 2009)
- Viktoria Mullova - Tchaikovsky VC in D (Ozawa - BSO)
- Old School Classical with thoughtful leadership
- Detroit Symphony: Paul Paray: España - Rhapsody for Orchestra (The Music of Chabrier)
- Masterly played grand pianos, violins and cellos
- A lovingly bussed Flute
- Peggy Lee: Life Is for Livin' (Things Are Swingin' album)
- JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys: Fidelity! (Fidelity! album)
- Janis Siegel: Go away little boy (I wish you love album)
- Prudence Johnson : Moon Country: The Music Of Hoagy Carmichael (Moon Country album)
- Harry James: Moten Swing (Trumpet Blues: The Best of Harry James album)
- Sarah Vaughan: When Your Lover Has Gone (How Long Has This Been Going On? album as XRCD)
- Frank Sinatra: Just Friends (No One Cares album}
- Ariel Abshire: Exclamation Love (Exclamation Love album)
- Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) (Raising Sand album)
System Goals/Comments: TBD
System Strengths: TBD
System Weaknesses: TBD
Video/HT System: Separate
TV/Projector: Near-field 27" PC Monitor
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: Primary / balanced -->
[x] BSG qol Final Stage energized via Ocellia Reference Silver AC

Adjunct / single-ended -->
[ ] Original HUGHES SRS (Sound Retrieval System)
- both are especially handy for mono processing
Sources (DVD/VCR): [x] DIY MediaPC

includes WinTV VHF/UHF antenna tuner card for ATSC/OTA reception
Other HT Gear: [ ] VPI HW-16.5
Headphones: AKG K7XX & Sennheiser HD 650

Test & Maintenance:
Agilent 33120A in conjunction with a pool of:

Fluke / Hewlett-Packard / Keithley / Racal / Rohde & Schwarz / Stanford Research / Tektronix / Wavetek gear
Comments on HT System: Out of Service at present:


[{ Audio Research LS-22 }]
[{ Hafler Iris }]
[{ Marsh P2000 }] - single ended & hot-rodded
[{ Marsh P2000b }] - balanced / stock
[{ Marsh P2000t }] - tube / stock


[{ Bob Smith TDSS Level 3(+) nuforce Reference 9v3's (Charlie monoblock pair) }]
[{ Dynaco ST-416 & C-100 capacitor bank }]
[{ Hafler XL-280 }]


[{ Carver TX-11a AM/FM Tuner }] - backup

Fabricated Cables:

[{ Several Analysis Plus (copper) Oval 9 speaker cable pairs }]
[{ (1m) MG Audio Design Planus CU2 balanced interconnect ribbons $700 }]
[{ Oyaide Black Mamba V2 Sigma AC upgraded with Furutech FI-50 (R) }]
[{ Anti-Cables pair (-m) AC cords unplated copper blades }]
[{ Audiomeca P-1806 pair (1.5m) AC cords }]

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