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DannyB 's Listening Room System
IP Address: Last Update: May 14, 2011 at 19:34:28
Amplifier: Aragon Palladium monoblocs
TTVJ 307A headphone amp.
HeadAmp KGSS electrostatic headphone amp
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Sonic Euphoria Passive Line Control with balanced and upgraded inputs.
Speakers: Von Schweikert VR5s HSE Edition
CD Player/DAC: Cary 306SACD
Turntable/Phono Stage: Micro Seiki RX1500 w 505Mk1 arm and Dynavector DV-20X2L. Ayre P-5x phono preamp
Other Source(s): CARY 303/300
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Acoustic Zen balanced and single ended ICs and Speaker Cables
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Equi=Tech Balanced Power Conditioner-20 Amp, Ensemble power strip
Tweaks: Black Diamond cones, Master Coupler AC cords, VPI Bricks, Cable Elevators. Arcici Equipment Stand.
Room Size (LxWxH): 17 x 13 x 8
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Big Band, Rock, Jazz, and a little Classical
System Goals/Comments: x
System Strengths: x
System Weaknesses: x
Video/HT System: None

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