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DerekVa's Primary System (September 2019) System
IP Address: Last Update: September 25, 2020 at 10:20:24
Amplifier: - Get*SET*Go 6B4G SET (3.8WPC)
- DGSE-1 EL84 SEP (3.5WPC)
- Dynaco Stereo 35 w/ EFB (17.5WPC)
- Heathkit W4-AM EL34 triode monoblocks (12WPC)
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): - Yamaha C4 (restored/rebuilt by Avionic)
Speakers: - Altec 808-8b/32c/414z drivers - Altec 753c cabinets

- NHT 1259 Subwoofer w/ Yung SD200 plate amplifier (200W)

- Klipsch KHW-5 (kitchen) (92dB 1W/m)

- Klipsch Heresy X: Heresy III drivers in Heresy I birch-ply cabinet with ALK CornScala-Wall Universal crossovers (99dB 1W/m)
CD Player/DAC: - Pioneer Elite DV-59AVi SACD/DVD player
- Adcom GDA-600 R-2R DAC (rebuilt / upgraded)
Turntable/Phono Stage: - Nottingham Analogue Interspace turntable
- AudioMods Series IV/V tonearm
- Hana SL moving-coil cartridge
- Redboy Microtran SUT
- Yamaha C4 MM phono stage

- Fidelity Research FR24-MKII
- Lyra Helikon Mono moving-coil cartridge
- Denon DL103r w/ Aluminum body cap
- Yamaha C4 MC phono stage
Other Source(s): - Nakamichi LX-3 cassette deck
- Raspberry Pi 3 B+ MoOde renderer / HiFiBerry Digi+ PRO
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: - BlueJeans Cable interconnects
- BlueJeans BJC12 White speaker cable
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): - AdaFruit Powerswitch Tail 2 relay system
- Pete Millett 12W USB 5V linear power supply
- H.P. Hansen Møbelindustri teak credenza
Tweaks: None
Room Size (LxWxH): 17 x 14 x 8
Room Comments/Treatments: The electronics are in a 6 foot long 1960's H.P. Hansen Møbelindustri Danish-modern teak credenza. The preamplifier and power amplifier are flanking the turntable on top, everything else is closed up inside where prying fingers can't reach. Speakers are flanking the credenza while the subwoofer is tucked in the corner next to the left channel.

Large sectional, large oil paintings on canvases on the walls, bookshelves adjacent to the couch and a trio of sleeping dogs.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Just about anything except approved Audiophile 'musician of the month' shit. The performance always takes precedence over the medium. Some of the best recordings I have are on old, scratched up vinyl or (gasp) cassette. Anything from The Clash to Cash, from Marsallis to Mozart. If I'm ever playing 'garage door tracks,' somebody please shoot me.

Currently in heavy rotation: Sharon van Etten (LP), King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard (LP), Nick Drake (LP), Janelle Monae (LP), Dexter Gordon (LP), Minutemen (LP), The Clash (LP / CD), Daft Punk (LP), Mary Timony (CD), Sleater-Kinney (LP / CD), First Aid Kit (LP), The Thermals (LP), DEVO (LP), David Bowie (LP), Husker Du (LP), X (LP), XTC (LP), Idles (LP), Wire (LP), Kaycee Musgraves (LP), and Beck (LP).
System Goals/Comments: Musical enjoyment. I know my system will never be considered 'high end' (considering what I budget for it--and is that necessarily a worthwhile goal, especially in this economy?), but it's nice to be able to relax and listen to music. I'm going for the emotional aspects of the performance, not the ability to tell that the first chair 2nd violin was 6'3' to the left of the conductor and happens to have a wooden leg. If I really want the 'you are there' sensation, I'll drive into Seattle and catch a concert. See you in the mosh pit or the orchestra circle.
System Strengths: Midrange, dynamics, weight - visceral qualities - wusses need not apply. Soundstaging is good, but I'd rather have dynamic range and tonal accuracy, especially since half the time I'm listening to monophonic recordings.
System Weaknesses: Less system than room - need to redo the fireplace surround so I can pivot the speaker / listening layout by 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
Video/HT System: Separate
TV/Projector: Home Theater:
- Pioneer KURO PDP-6020FD 60" 1080p plasma HDTV

Family Room:
- Pioneer KURO PDP-5020FD 50" 1080p plasma HDTV
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: Home Theater:
- Anthem AVM 30 (Preamp/Processor)
- Hypnotoad HQMC AD797 MC phono stage
- Fisher 660A PP 7591 amplifier (28WPC)
- Elan Z660 (Surround channels) (60WPC)

Family Room:
- Fisher KX90 (console) (14WPC)
- Monoprice D/A converter
Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): Home Theater:
- Altec 604-E w/ Mastering Lab crossovers in utility cabinets (L/R)
- Orb 1 (surround)
- HSU Research STF-2 Subwoofer (200W)

Family Room:
- Fisher AlNiCo console speakers
Sources (DVD/VCR): Home Theater:
- Xbox One S
- Sony BDP-S390
- Roku Ultra
- Technics SL10 + Technics EPS-310mc
- Sony DVP-S7700 SACD player
- Raspberry Pi B+ MoOde renderer / HiFiBerry DAC

Family Room:
- Xbox 360E + HD-DVD
- Xbox One X
- Roku Ultra
Other HT Gear: Home Theater:
- Intel i5-4590T CPU
- 8192MB DDR3 PC3-12800
- Gigabyte GA-H87TN motherboard
- Ceton InfiniTV-4 Cablecard Tuner
- HDHomerun Network Cablecard Tuner
- 240GB Samsung 840EVO mSATA SSD (OS)
- 5.0TB Seagate 2.5" HDD (Recorded TV)
- Wesena HTPC-ITX4-V3 case
- Windows 8.1 + Media Center 64-bit

- Monster Cable HTS 3500 MKII power center

Family Room:
- Custom Zenith console rebuilt with Fisher components (see above)
Comments on HT System: Remodeling the basement into a dedicated home theater was a massive improvement. The majority of the home theater equipment is used and was purchased for *well* below cost or was built by me.

The utility cabinets for the Altecs are a temporary measure - I'll be building a set of Mastering Lab Big Red monitor cabinets for the 604E drivers.

Need to hang the Pioneer on the wall so I can swap out my SL10 for a SP15 (need more space on top of the console for the SP15)
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Reading, music, BMWs, computers, building tube gear, green power and sustainability, remodeling, micro-farming, DIY and raising my kids.

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