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RoyJ's Main System System
IP Address: Last Update: December 12, 2008 at 10:04:51
Amplifier: Edge custom NL-series Power amplifier
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Croft preamp, includes phono
Speakers: Green Mountain Audio Calypso HD
CD Player/DAC: CEC transport
Sony Pro Transport
Birdland Odeon-lite DAC w/volume control
Audio Magic Illusion digital cable
Turntable/Phono Stage: Micro-Seiki BL-91 TT/MA-505 arm/Platter Matter. Various phono cartridges, including van den Hul/Panasonic Strain Gauge cartridge into Rowland strain-gauge pre-preamp
Other Source(s): TEAC 7030GSL open-reel, 1/2-track
Tandberg cassette recorders
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Marigo Audio
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Solid Steel equipment rack with damped shelf from www.skylanstands.com; Skylan speaker stands used under our our compact loudspeakers.
Tweaks: Various cones under transport, DAC, preamp, and amplifier, from Black Diamond Racing and Marigo Audio Labs;
Room Size (LxWxH): 20' x 17' x 9'
Room Comments/Treatments: Custom absorption/diffraction sidewall treatments; ASC Tube Traps for first-reflection diffusion and for center-image wall reflections.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Anything that gets my heart thumping, foot tapping, hips gyrating, puts a smile on my face, makes me want to sing or cry. I am proud to say that every genre is used for development, testing and for demonstration.
System Goals/Comments: None
System Strengths: Musicality, resolution and imaging, dynamic contrasts.
System Weaknesses: Additional AC filtering would be next.
Video/HT System: None
URL Link: http://www.greenmountainaudio.com
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Materials Science, Measurement vs. hearing.

Piano, poker, history, philosophy.

Loudspeaker designer/ Physicist/ Recording engineer.

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