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Ted Smith's Home System
IP Address: Last Update: May 16, 2018 at 14:37:59
Amplifier: 2 x SimAudio MOON W-10 monoblock power amplifiers (750W each) for fronts

SimAudio MOON W-5 power amplifier (190W / ch) for rears

Oppo HA-1 Headphone amplifier
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): EMM Labs Switchman MKII with a mod for a phantom center channel
Speakers: Front: 2 x JMLab Nova Utopia Be

Rears: 2 x JMLab Alto Utopia Be

Sub: JMLab Sub Utopia Be


Audeze LCD-3 Headphones
CD Player/DAC: 3 x PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC for MC with Oppo BDP-103 / Audiopraise Vanity HD card as an SACD transport.

EMM Labs (Meitner) DAC6e w/ EMM Labs CDSD transport (SACD)

Sony DVP-S9000ES SACD player (w/ModWright III mods)

Sony SCD-C555ES SACD player (w/ModWright mods)

Denon DVD-3930CI (DVD-Audio)
Other Source(s): SimAudio MOON Air FM Tuner

Laptop computer with USB to DS DACs

Sony DVP-CX985V 400 SACD Jukebox

3 x Sony CDP-CX455 400 CD Jukeboxes

2 x Sony CDP-CX400 CD Jukeboxes

2 x Sony CDP-CX300 CD Jukeboxes

Roland UA-30 for USB digital connection to computer

Roland SC-D70 for MIDI & 24 bit ADC/DAC to computer
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: 6 pair of 1.25m TG Audio HSR Balanced High Purity interconnects from DAC6e to Switchman and from Switchman to amps

3 pair of 1m Jena Labs Symphony XLR IC's from Attraction processor to Switchman

3 pair of 2m AudioQuest RCA Diamondback interconnects from Denon to Switchman

1 pair of 8' TG Audio speaker wire to Nova speakers

1 pair of 25' AudioQuest Mont Blanc speaker wire (w/DBS) to Alto speakers

Nirvis DXS crosspoint digital switch

Nirvis SLink-E to control jukeboxes with computer

TG Audio High Purity Silver IC, Empirical Audio Holophonic-PC IC, Jena Labs Trio ICs and AudioQuest Coral, Python and Anaconda IC's moving at random
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): 4 x Bavarian Woodworks racks

PurePower™ APS 1050 AC power regeneration for DAC6e and Switchman.

Monster Power HTS-5100 for video

Monster Power HTS-2000 for jukeboxes

TG Audio SLVR power cords for sub and processor

20' Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha + Jena Labs Model One power cord/power conditioner for CDSD transport

5 x Jena Labs Model One power cord/power conditioners on DAC6e, Monster HTS-5100 and W-10 amps

Shunyata Taipan power cord on W-5 amp

AudioQuest NRG-1 power cords for Tivos

6 x home brew isolation bases (3 cm granite slab on 3 x HRS Nimbus Couplers) under amps, Denon 3930 and CDSD transport

HRS Nimbus under everything else (except the processor)

10 x ASC 16' SuperTrap TubeTraps
Tweaks: 8 x 20 Amp (#10 awg) dedicated AC power lines

8 x Audio Excellence AZ Outlets

3 for W-10 amps, 1 for W-5, 1 for sub/transport, 1 for video/DAC, 1 for digital/jukeboxes, 1 for other analog

Ferrite RF Chokes on power cords of some jukeboxes
Room Size (LxWxH): 32ft x 20ft x 7-8ft
Room Comments/Treatments: Room is L shaped with coved ceiling over main listening area.

Left and right walls are tilted in about 1/2' at the tops.

The front wall is tilted in 1 1/2' at the top.

The walls are filled with rock wool and layered with both drywall and greenboard to provide constrained layer dampening.

The three windows are 46dB sound proofed acoustic glass.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Eclectic (sounds better than random :)
System Goals/Comments: Comfortable vegging zone.

Still have to place some sound absorption materials in a few strategic places.
System Strengths: Engaging for whole family.
System Weaknesses: Room is cluttered by living there too. TV in the middle of the soundstage can cause some foreshortening of the the soundstage especially with 2 channel material.
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: Pioneer PureVision PRO-1140HD (50" HD Plasma)
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: SimAudio MOON A/V Attraction 7.1 processor
Sources (DVD/VCR): Sony DVP-CX860 300+1 DVD jukebox

Sony DVP-CX985V 400 DVD Jukebox
Other HT Gear: Tivo #1 - Sony SATT60 Direct TV Receiver

Tivo #2 - HUGHES-DIRECTV® High Definition DVR (HR10-250) HD Personal Video Recorder

Tivo #3 - DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (HR20-700) HD Personal Video Recorder

Logitech Harmony 676 Remote Control (Tivo style)
Comments on HT System: It's great for both HT and music.
URL Link: http://gallery.AudioAsylum.com/cgi/view.mpl?UserImages=7184&invite=194917041
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Singing & Reading

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