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petermwilson@rogers.com's HT & HTPC System Welcome!
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petermwilson@rogers.com's HT & HTPC System
Last Update: April 10, 2003 at 06:42:03 IP Address:
Amplifier: Denon 5800/03 has 2 sets of analogue inputs (YIPPEE)
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): NONE
Speakers: 2 pair Totem model for music, pmc TB1 center
Axiom qs4 dipole surrounds for movies, Monitor bronze 4si effects pair, Paradigm pdr8 subw
CD Player/DAC: Panasonic dvd-a, Sony DVP-650NC sacd, Windows Media 9 HDCD
Turntable/Phono Stage: Pending
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: AR and Monster
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Monster 1000
Tweaks: My HTPC has the HOLOGRAPH 3D VIDEO SCALER. This product has inputs of composite/component/svid and sdi. It scales any 480i input to whatever your HD display can handle. My Panny rp82 is sdi modified and is connected to the HOLO so that there is no AD/DA transfer, the signal stays digital from the dvd to the tv. the dvd picture is then scaled to 1080i.

My tosh 65h80 is fully ISF'd by MichaelTLV form Calgary complete with removal of protective screen.

Room Size (LxWxH): 14 x 12 x 8
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): eclectic, everything, Haven't heard enough rap but so far, not my style
System Goals/Comments: Start to enjoy the audio part of my system more. I had been more involved in the video until recently.
System Strengths: Totem Model 1 Signature speakers are the first truly excellent speakers i've owned
System Weaknesses: I wish the room was a little larger,(my wife gave up the master bedroom so i could have my HT)
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: Toshiba 65h80, Holograph 3d video scaler
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: same as above
Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): same as above
Sources (DVD/VCR): SDI modified Panasonic rp82
Other HT Gear: Panasonic lx-200 ld player with s/vid and optical out
Comments on HT System: I use my computer as part of my system. It houses the HOLO3D vid scaler which works with the ATI8500dv to scale any 480i input to whatever rez my display can handle. I presently scale NTSC and DVD's to 1080i with awsome results. My RPTV is totally ISF'd complete with removal f protective screen.
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Golf, General contracting and project management for mostly Office Interiors, Starting to consult on Hometheatre\'s

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