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MothAudio's Moth 45 SET driving Silverline Sonatina System
IP Address: Last Update: February 06, 2017 at 19:46:03
Amplifier: MOTH AUDIO custom s45 direct reactance drive [power supply not in the signal path] - fixed bias, zero feedback - 45 or 2a3 SET (1.8-6wpc output). 3k OPT / 13w plate disipation.

Electra-Print BE5KB transformers / Borne 10k pot / Jupiter Copper Foil 0.22uF 600VDC coupling caps / Kiwame carbon film resistors / CTC 'blowtorch' silver wire / .015~600v nos polypropylene psu by-pass of LCR 'lytic.

JJ 2a3-40 - <2016>

Emission Labs solid-plate 45 - <2002>

Cunningham CX-345 globe 45 - <1929>

RCA d-getter gray-plate 2a3 - <1955>

Mullard gz32 [5v4] rectifier (45) - <1958>

Amperex 'metal-base' 5ar4 rectifier (2a3) - <1956>

Raytheon d-getter 6an4 - <1956>


Amp progression: Marantz 2238>NAD 7130>Golden Tube se-40 single-ended pentode>VAC pa 35/35 el34-based triode>Moth s45 SET.
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): nada
Speakers: SILVERLINE AUDIO SONATINA ('Avalon' version)-dynamic three-way / soft dome tweeter&mid-range / (2) 6' bass drivers / rosewood finish (93db/simple x-over/flat 8ohm phase angle) Black Diamond Racing [composite] footers =============================================

Speaker progression: KEF 103>KEF 101>Infinite Slope Model 1>Silverline Sonatina.
CD Player/DAC: Samsung Avant "server" / Chromecast Audio puck / Schiit Modi Multibit DAC kills the AA set up.

iFi SPDIF iPurifier jitter filter on DAC


CDP progression: Sony sl-70>AA DDS III>AUDIO ALCHEMY DDS.PRO transport / AUDIO ALCHEMY DDEv3.0 dusty vawter's modified w/analog volume control via remote wand-d/a converter w/'special' op-amp upgrade / AUDIO ALCHEMY DTI.PRO32. M.P.S.-power supply feeds jitter filter & d/a converter. > Samsung / Chromecast Audio / Schiit Modi Multibit.
Turntable/Phono Stage: Phillips 212
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: DIY speaker 'cables' 24awg (5n) 99.999% pure silver / 20awg teflon 10' runs.

GROVER UR7 (hybrid) analog 1m-(DAC>amp).

Sys. Concept mini-toslink - toslink [Chromecast>Schiit]

AUDIO MAGIC MYSTIC REFERENCE (silver) i2s digital link 1.5m-(dds.pro>dtipro.32>ddev3.0)


Cable progression: speaker cables - Monster Cable Powerline 2>AQ type 4>Tara Labs Master Gen II>Silverline Audio biwire> DIY 24awg solid silver. analog - AQ reference>XLO Signature> Magnan type Vi>Silverline Audio>Grover. digital - Canare digiflex gold>AA stock I2s>Camelot Excaliber II I2s>Audio Magic Mystic reference I2s.
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): SHUNYATA HYDRA PLC w/Sidewinder pc (upgraded 'fuse')

PS AUDIO Ultimate Power Outlet 15 amp
Power-line conditioner with upgraded Hubbell duplex AC socket

DAC>PS AUDIO>Hydra>cryo duplex



SHUNYATA SIDEWINDER PC w/twist-lock connector-PLC.

LOVAN PYRAMID RACK (lead-filled) w/custom 2' chevelle blk granite amp platform, resting on another 3cm triangle granite platform w/combo of three Vibrapods / BDR 'ThoseThings' base footers between. Custom 1/4' triangle glass shelves for front-end.


PLC progression: API PowerWedge 116 MKII> Shunyata Hydra.

PC progression: E.S.P. Essence>Synergistic AC master coupler >Shunyata BLK Mamba> Shunyata Sidewinder>Shunyata Viper >BMI Whale Elite.

Michael Brinkman Acme Audio 15amp silver-plated 'Cryo-treated' duplex feeds PLC / amp.
Tweaks: B.D.R. 'ThoseThings' platform / Vibrapod combo between granite amp bases.

1/2' Ebony squares under amp footers which in turn are resting on 4x4" Diversitech rubber/composite Pad. Also used under PLC and DAC.

B.D.R. MK III&IV CONES (points down)-m.p.s. / DAC / jitter filter / PLC.

150 lbs polished blk granite block under PLC.


15 lb LEAD BARS-d/a converter & m.p.s. & jitter filter.
Room Size (LxWxH): Mullard gz32 [5v4] rectifier (45) - x x
Room Comments/Treatments: ASC/TUBE TRAP 11' round bass traps flanking speakers, absorbtive side out.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Coltrane(50's/60's Atlantic/early Impulse)

Miles(Late 40's/50's/mid-late 60's/70's)

Sinatra(w/nelson riddle) Fitzgerald(small combo) Chet Baker, Pete Townsend, Yo La Tengo, Guy Clark, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Clash, John Lee Hooker, Sam Cooke, Hendrix, Rickie Lee Jones, Replacements, Marvin Gaye, Neil Young, Pavement, Mississippi John Hurt, Nick Drake, Sonic Youth, Red House Painters / Mark Kozelek, Steely Dan...

System Goals/Comments: Listener priorities: Emotional expression coupled with a non-fatiguing presentation. My objective is to capture a delicate, airy, dimensional presentation that suggests music rather than mere sound while exploring both nuance and tone.
System Strengths: The ability to reduce the listener's awareness of electronic artifacts with a cohesive, transparent and non-fatigueing investigation of nuance. UPDATE: See 'HomePage/URL' link.
System Weaknesses: Headroom. I continue to explore a 'proper' speaker for the Moth but after 4 years haven't found anything that quite satisfies as well as the Sonatina / Moth combo. It's not perfect but for my situation it's more than a comfortable spot to rest on the journey.
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: Panasonic Viera TC-P55ST30 55" 1080p Plasma

Sharp Aquos LC-26GA5U 26" 720p LCD
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: Denon AVR-590
Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): SIGNET sl260 MK2[front channel]

SIGNET sl250 [surrounds]

SIGNET LCR [center channel]

Velodyne CT-100 subwoofer

Audioquest Type 4 [SURROUNDS]

Silverline Audio [FRONT CHANNEL]

Grover Huffman EX hybrid [CENTER CHANNEL]
Sources (DVD/VCR): Sony s370 Blu-Ray

Dell Inspiron 3847 desktop

XBox One
Other HT Gear: API Power Wedge 113 MK II (PLC) w/Shunyata 20amp Sidewinder pc

Walker Edison Double-X 60" component stand
Comments on HT System: Actually began upgrading my home theatre in 1997 & was so disappointed w/the results, turned my attention / resources toward my stereo, of which I've gained significantly more enjoyment.
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Dad / Runner / Artist

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