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smollett's Home Office System
IP Address: Last Update: November 13, 2014 at 05:51:21
Amplifier: McIntosh MC225, with a full set of NOS tubes (amplifier dates from 1961)

McIntosh MA6200 Solid State Integrated Amplifier (dates from 1987)

Fisher 800-C Receiver, with all original pre-amp and tuner tubes, and four US-made full base General Electric 7591As (dated 1963)

Fisher 800-T Solid State FM-AM Receiver used primarily as a DXing tuner (circa 1969)

Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): McIntosh C11 with a complete set of Telefunken 12AX7 smooth plate tubes (preamplifier dates from 1961)
Speakers: Rogers LS3/5As - black finish (circa 1983)

Rogers LS7ts - walnut finish (circa 1991)

Omega Speakers: Grande 6s (96dB sensitivity), Black Parisian Maple, with internal Cardas Litz Wire upgrade and gold binding posts (2004)

KEF Corellis, walnut veneer, using Monster Cable banana plugs (circa 1978)

KEF Q30s (1995)

Tannoy Mercury S speakers, (1986)

Dynaco A25a, walnut veneer (circa 1969)

Klipsch Promedia Ultra 2.0 computer speakers

Stax SR-5 Ear Speakers, SRD-6 Adaptor, Stax DIN extension cord
CD Player/DAC: Arcam CD72, text version, with updated boards.
Turntable/Phono Stage: Stanton 8005A Gyropoise Turntable, Stanton Unipoise Tonearm, Grace F9E Ruby Cartridge, spare headshell with Stanton 881S Cartridge, Monster Cable IDL100 Digital Phono Interconnects

Thorens TD 145 with an Ortofon OM20 Super cartridge mounted on a Thorens TP 16 tonearm

Dual 1229, Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Cables

Dual 1229Q, Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, Discwasher Gold-Ens interconnects

All turntables have Empire Bullseye Circular Levels
Other Source(s): McIntosh MR67 Stereophonic FM Tuner (1966) (new tubes in the front end: 6AB4 (RCA NOS), 6AU6 (GE NOS 1954), 12AT7 (Amperex Bugle Boy Great Britain by Mullard), 6DS4 (GE NOS), and a new MPX amp tube: 6U8 (GE NOS) (dated 1966)

Fisher FM-1000 Multiplex Broadcast Monitor, with a full set of NOS Fisher tubes (dated 1962)

Fisher TFM-300 hybrid tube/solid state FM tuner, with NOS Westinghouse 6HA5 and two NOS RCA 6CW4 Nuvistors

Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Adcom GFS-6 Speaker Selector

Monster Cable speaker wire banana connectors

Individual, 14-gauge Southwire solid pure copper wire with Buchanan #AWG 14 Spade Terminals and Kester rosin core solder from the MA6200 to the Adcom GFS-6

Individual, 16-gauge Carol stranded pure copper wire with Kester rosin core solder from both the MC225 and the Fisher 800-T to the Adcom GFS-6

Individual, 14-gauge Southwire solid pure copper wire to the Omegas

16-gauge Carol stranded pure copper wire, Kester rosin core soldered ends, to both the KEF Correllis and Q30s and the Missions

Hudson Audio Technologies AudioPath Three-Wire pure Silver Interconnects with Vampire Wire connectors

Blue Jeans Cable Belden 1505F interconnects: two pair with two sets of Canare RCA soldered connectors, and two pair with one soldered and one crimped set of Canare RCA connectors

Hudson Audio Technologies AudioPath PC1 Power Cord (for Arcam CD73)

Monster Digital Datalink IDL 100 interconnects
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Roof-mounted, multiple Radio Shack six-element, triple-drive antennae

Separate RG-6 coaxial cables

Radio Shack Gold 75 to 300 ohm transformers

One Parts Express Coaxial A/B switch to the MR67 and FM-1000

One Parts Express A/B/C switch to the 800-T, TFM-300 and 800-C

Two heavy industrial-grade AT&T surge protectors/power strips

Hudson Audio Technologies PS-1 Powermax Power Strip - eight outlet model

Studio-Tech A-4 equipment stand with eight levels

Two Parts Express 18' High Mass Metal Speaker Stands, sand-filled, with lower spikes for the Grande 6's, and the KEF Corellis and Dunaco A25s, and Rogers LS3/5As(these three on one stand, stacked)

Parts Express 24' Tri-Tube Metal Speaker Stands with lower spikes for the Tannoys and Rogers LS7ts (stacked)
Tweaks: New hockey pucks under the Fisher 800-C, 800-T and FM-1000 and Arcam to increase isolation

Vibrapods under the Stanton Gyropoise and Thorens TD-145 to enhance isolation from vibration

Electric cooling fans for the MC 225, MR67 and FM-1000

Blu-Tac to secure Omegas to stands
Room Size (LxWxH): 13' x 13' x 8'
Room Comments/Treatments: It is an office - packed with computers, printers, telecom gear, books, etc....
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Classical, Jazz, 1920's & '30's jazz, dance bands and vocalists, English & Scottish, Country & Western, much of what the college & audiophile FM stations play
System Goals/Comments: Provide high quality FM and CD playback without causing listening fatigue
System Strengths: Nice, comfortable warm sound, with good presence and detail for vocals and stringed instruments. Good imaging, speed (single Fostex driver speakers) and airiness.

Fisher 800-T has remarkable selectivity for a first generation solid state receiver

Given the C11/MC225/MR67/FM-1000 combo, good FM stations cannot sound much better
System Weaknesses: Bass doesn't extend to the lowest registers with any of the speakers.
Video/HT System: Integrated
Sources (DVD/VCR): Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop with integrated DVD/CD player/recorder

Connected by a Radio Shack 1/8' 90 degree plug & 1/8' plug cable/RCA connectors to stereo via McIntosh MA6200 aux input

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