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hifitommy's tommy's stuff System
IP Address: Last Update: September 03, 2023 at 20:30:59
Amplifier: adcom 555II (200wpc, high current),
spectro-acoustics P 202 waiting in the wings.
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): arc sp3a1 (upgraded to sp3c by arc)
rogue Triton phono section now for sale
onkyo 5.1 receiver used as pre/pro
Speakers: maggie MMGs-resting, Fried Model RIIs-resting
spendor s3/5s (84db sens) currently playing, ratshack minimus 7s (for dynaquad rear) resting damn good for the money!
i also have the bargain Drop Hifiman 4XXs planars which are very natural and tight, Grado PS1000s, SR60s, & ATM50Hs.
i got the Monolith THS dac/amp.
Rythmik 12" sealed servo sub to provide COMPLETE frequency extension. i believe that one needs lows to extend to no less than 30Hz but preferably to the lowest limit of 16Hz. they improve not only the foundation of full range music but also add the lows of ambience that make a room sound similar to the one of the recording.
CD Player/DAC: OPPO UDP203.
Turntable/Phono Stage: primary:sota sapphire/sumiko premier mmt. unlike some other 'tables, reaches as deep as what is on the recording, justifying speakers that reach to 16Hz.
about six carts mounted on universal headshells for the sota
ortofon t20 txrmr
marcof PPA-1 (best of the lot) resting
current phono stage-Schiit Mani 2
rogue sphynx phono now for sale.
cartridges:FR1 IIIf, atML170(also have the 150 stylus-nos), ortofon mc200, krell kc100, shure v15Vxmr, grace f9e, stanton 881s (NOS stylus), sumiko blue point orig with aluminum block mod, XLMII given to me by stringplay, NIB oc9II. Shure V15Vxmr with JICO SAS stylus, and just won a Hana EL at a LA/OCAS meeting raffle.
desire to have ortofon Kontrapunkt b

Other Source(s): sangean hd tuner resting-not many stations in canyon country except the great KCSN (boosted by donations from Jackson Browne). formerly a typical college station, now a VERY good rock station.
being reduced siginificantly is 5k LPs, 2.5k RBCDs, 60 SACDs, maybe more.
computer online listening through itunes and now Tidal (discounted price), and Qobuz (my preferred streaming service). TASCAM CDR.
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: spkrs: kimber 8tc (20') resting
my mew Wywires a gift from Alex
previously aq type 4
interconnects: Acoustic Zen Silver (preamp to power amp), aq ruby, turquoise, kimber pbj, various others bought used
the $1k pair of acoustic zen silver ICs won at the LA/OC audio society meeting.
other wires of widely varying quality and cost but have never paid more than $100.
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): DEDICATED LINE in new room with hospital grade receptacles!
Tweaks: dynaco QD1 series IIL for ambience retrieval, set so rears barely audible. center not used for music,
sorbo half domes under SP#ai(c) preamp.
watts preener no longer used
ratshack cf brush, Ortofon CF brush-my fave.
stylast and discwasher sc2 stylus brushes magic eraser (cleanest styli ever)
signet rca cleaning tools (indispensable)
SpinClean which is excellent but eventually an uS cleaner for LPs, Degritter recently purchased. XLNT.
Room Comments/Treatments: still to be measured.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): JAZZ, rock, classical, eclectic other choices (ever heard of trilok gurtu or erik truffaz?), Art of Noise, etc et al. approx 4k LPs, 1.5k cd/sacds, lots of cassettes, some are commercial(not home made)
check out the internet only station of KCRW which is KCRW eclectic24. available on iheart radio or right from the net at:
click 'listen now OR use hr radio 88.9-2
System Goals/Comments: got it...Rythmik sealed 12" servo sub

;^) DEEEEP, tight, musically consonant.
System Strengths: smooth freq resp, imaging, immersion, and about 5k LPs, and great sourcing for used music here in LA! see Recordcollectornews.com for great articles and a map of all stores advertising in the mag.
System Weaknesses: ultimate dynamic range (probably not possible without horns)
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: 60"sony flat panel
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: current avp is actually an Onkyo TX-NR818 receiver used mostly for switching sources,the amp channels are just sitting there loafing. dynaquad QD1 IIIL for surround, fronts run directly off adcom amp.
Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): resting are 1975 Fried modelRIIs, maggie MMGs-resting, primarily spendor S3/5s (84db sens)-in use now, ratshack minimus 7s (for dynaquad rear) resting, stereo for now. Klipsch sound bar in bedroom for sony flat screen on wall.
Sources (DVD/VCR): hf vcr/cdr, oppo udp203 replaces THREE componenets with ONE.
Other HT Gear: dvr in dish system cable box, panasonic vcr/dvdr combo, oppo udp 203
Comments on HT System: it will do
URL Link: http://LAOCAS.com
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: retired nuc med tech, lecher, live in canyon country california after 30+ years in Sylmar, CA-originally from buffalo, ny, a LIFETIME member of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society= www.laocas.com.

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