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arrakian 's Over-Achiever System
IP Address: Last Update: May 14, 2010 at 21:02:48
Amplifier: RESPONSE AUDIO/JOLIDA REF-3205 (Platinum mod)
60 watt/channel JoLida 502 integrated amp modified ground-up by Response Audio

*Reference grade V-Cap Teflon capacitors installed in the signal path (4 pieces)

*Reference Grade V-Cap Teflon ground capacitors used in signal stage.(2 pieces)

*Power supply filter capacitors upgraded to higher capacitance/low ESR pieces in two stages (x4 pieces)

*Mundorf capacitors used at signal ground location

*SoniCap high voltage capacitors used as bypass units in the power supply (x3 pieces)

*Dale/Vishay 1watt 1% non-magnetic resistors used throughout the signal path

*Carbon Comp one-half watt or Dale Vishay 1 watt metal film resistors utilized in the grid stopper location

*Mills 12 watt non-inductive resistors replacing the Tube emitter cushion resistors

*Dale/Vishay 3 watt 1%, non-magnetic resistors utilized in the bias stage for lower noise

*Fairchild "Ultra Fast Soft Recovery" diodes are utilized in the power supply rectifying stage for lower noise floor and quieter background

*Internal wiring upgraded to either 22 awg high quality copper or 22 awg high quality silver plated copper

*Alps Blue volume control maintained for a smooth presentation

*Balance control bypassed

*High quality silver solder used throughout
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): none

*Frequency Response: 34Hz - 35kHz +/- 3dB

*Frequency Response (active bass): 22Hz - 35kHz +/- 3dB

*Impedance (top terminal) : 4 - 8 Ohms

*Impedance (lower terminal): 4 Ohms

*Sensitivity: 88 dB/1 watt/1 meter

*Power Handling: 350 watts RMS

*Drivers: two 4" carbon fiber midrange drivers, custom 10" dual-voice coil bass driver

*CDT Tweeter: 300° dispersion 3kHz - 35kHz

*Midrange Driver Material: Hyperbolic carbon fiber

*Enclosure: Aluminum/Stainless Steel

*Connections: Gold plated brass binding posts for secure wire connection

*Weight: 47 lbs each

*Dimensions: 36.25" (H) x 8" (W) x 14" (D) with grillAdd 2 to 2.25" for spikes and spike protectors



Perfect time-coherent, phase-aligned speakers. Featuring extraordinarily simple first-order crossovers & proprietary, innovative Q-Stone cast marble cabinetry--all results of solving the world’s toughest time-domain mathematics and 30 years of education and experience in physics & professional sound engineering and recording.


6” rigid piston, single-pressed paper/carbon fiber cone with ultra-linear suspension, vented under-hung Kapton voice coil.

Shielded, radially-magnetized neodymium-iron-boron magnet. Built for us by Aurasound.


MorelUSA 28mm polymer-coated linen dome of low-resonant frequency, with large rear chamber, acoustically damped; enclosed in

cast-marble chamber, mechanically damped; hex-wound voice coil, Ferrofluid cooled; 0.44 grams moving mass.


1st-order response, electrically and acoustically, at 2850Hz. SoniCap film capacitor and Solen Litz inductor.


Solid cast marble. Twin, aero-dynamic ports fire down onto supporting base. Specially-shaped base prevents resonances between base and cabinet bottom. 4th-order Butterworth tuning at 54Hz with nearly zero box loss.


90-91dB for 2.83 Volts input at 1 meter, at sea level. Dynamically linear within 0.5dB to 103dB.


Freefield at 2 meters: +/- 0.75dB 80Hz to 20kHz, -3dB at 50Hz and 21kHz. In-room typically –3dB at 47Hz on 24” speaker stands, at 8’ distant. Adjustable base, +/- 5 degrees, to accommodate listening heights and distances.


+/- 2 degrees acoustically, from 200Hz to 8kHz on listening axis.


7 to 170 W (amplifier’s Ohm rating).


4.1 to 5.3 Ohms from 100Hz to 20kHz;

4.1 to 24 Ohms from DC to 100Hz.


20.125”H; 8.75”W; 11.5”D with base; 49lbs. each. Hardwood trim is applied to both front and rear of the Callisto base.

-http://www.greenmountainaudio.com/Callisto Page.htm
CD Player/DAC: APL-HiFi/PIONEER DV-563A (modified)

Universal disc player, with high-performance modifications done by APL HiFi which include:

1. R-Core (R) power transformer, Custom built to our specs in Japan.

2. Various Power supply upgrades, including Shottky and HEXFRED, latest technology rectifiers (specially selected for best sound), highest quality Voltage Regulating devices and highest quality Panasonic capacitors as we find them more neutral sounding.

3. Two DACs in parallel per channel for amazing detail and fuller, even more analog sound.

4. Transformer coupled DAC (for the main channels) featuring custom Lundahl transformers.

5. MOSFET output buffer stage for a very warm, relaxed and natural music presentation. Some customers can not believe that there is no vacuum tube inside this unit!

6. IEC power inlet.

7. Pure 99.9999% Solid Silver wiring for the direct signal path (Teflon insulated).

8. Point - to - point wiring for the new analog stage. No PC Boards! Just like a vintage, or very expensive modern tube amplifier!
Turntable/Phono Stage: TECHNICS SL-1210 M5GSE (modified)

Technics 1210M5Gse, modified by KAB with: record clamp/threaded spindle, external power supply, strobe disabler, & tonearm fluid damper, and Isonoe Machined Sorbothane Spring Isolator Feet. -http://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?ttables.htm


The 'MusicMaker' Phono Cartridge is a high-performance variable reluctance device, employing a proprietory extended contact diamond stylus.

*Output voltage: 4mV

*Frequency response: 10Hz - 50KHz

*Stereo separation:>25dB across 10Hz to 30KHz

*Load: 47K Ohm (standard moving magnet)

*Cartridge weight: 6.2g

*Stylus type: proprietory extended contact area diamond

*Tracking force: 1.58g +/- 0.05g (critical)

*Arm requirement: medium to low mass (13g or less)

*Bias (anti-skate): minimal


EAR-YOSHINO 834P (Modified)

Modified with Hovland and HEXFRED.

Input sensitivity for 1 volt out @ 1kHz: MM 2.2mV - MC 0.22mV
Max output 30V
Noise (unweighted) -80 dB (1HF)
Tubes JJ/Tesla ECC83 x 3
Other Source(s): TASCAM 122 Mk II Tape Deck
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: VERASTARR SILVER REFERENCE SIGNATURE interconnects

The Silver Reference Signature Interconnect represents the pinnacle of Verastarr interconnect design. It is similar, in design, to the Silver Reference although the design goes one step further and separates the signal and return into 2 completely separate, shielded conductors. This absolutely eliminates any chance whatsoever of interaction between the two. The result is stunning. A perfectly quiet, transparent design. You will hear your source in intricate detail. This is a perfect reference interconnect to use when critiquing different sources due to its sonically invisible nature.

Only our trademark 99.99% Silver covered 99.999% HCOFC metal is used, even in the braid shield. Only pure Teflon is used for minimum dielectric absorption. The outer braid is 100% Kevlar for reduction in static buildup. The connectors are WBT of Germany.



Silver Reference Speaker Cables are cost-no-object design and represent the pinnacle of our speaker cable designs. They are meticulously hand-created in very low numbers.

The cables are comprised of 4 separate runs; 2 for each speaker. Each run has a quad-braid geometry consisting of 4 separate shielded sub-runs. Each of the 4 sub-runs is a dual helix geometry with 2 separate 20 Ga., individually Teflon-insulated, 99.99% pure Silver Covered 99.999% HCOFC for the most neutral, transparent signal delivery money can buy (16-20Ga. conductors per speaker, which means 12Ga per polarity, or 9Ga. per speaker). Each of the sub runs is individually pure Silver braid shielded on top of being in a dual-helix twist for the ultimate in RFI and EMI rejection. This level of protection also makes this design impervious to power cords, and static from laying directly on carpet...no need for cable elevators.

We realize this design is massively overbuilt, but this helps eliminate cables as a possible culprit when debugging. As on all Silver Reference Cables, the connectors are the best made; WBT of Germany. These cables are made to order and each pair is custom. We can make any length and configuration. These cables will not only astound you with their uncanny natural sound, but their beauty is a statement in itself.
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): MONSTER POWER AC Filter
Room Size (LxWxH): 17 x 12+ x 8
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Rock, R&B, Pop, Funk... anything but the vast majority of Jazz.
System Goals/Comments: High-performance and high-value component synergy for focused, phase and time-aligned, but most of all ENJOYABLE sound. Fabulous!!!

Performance beyond price; thank God for Modders!!!
System Strengths: Fast, detailed, focused time/phase-coherent sound.
System Weaknesses: No low bass <45 Hz on the GMA Callisto.
Video/HT System: None

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