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timothywas1@comcast.net 's Pioneer a Plinius home theatre or just a Transparent Mirage! System
IP Address: Last Update: December 12, 2019 at 06:20:09
Amplifier: Fully Balanced Dual Mono Plinius SA 102s-

Also have a Dared vp 845 set integrated...

Silver SA 102/ mono/ serial # 1865-

Black SA 102/mono/ serial# 2173-

P8 200 watt stereo class A/AB amplifier strapped for center / serial # 2154

SA100 mk 3 stereo con fig. for surrounds serial # 8153
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Plinius M8 Preamplifier 2 Channel w/ht bypass # 2085 / Conrad Johnson Met 1 multichannel preamp serial# 2951071,Adcom GFP 750..
Speakers: Mains; Mirage mc2 for center

Mirage om6 mains

Surrounds Mirage OM10s surrounds

Magneplanner mmgs, perhaps a move?

Stereo Subs; 2 Bag End 18 Infrasubs utilising Bag Ends ELF patented crossover one on the left/right outside mains volume dialed in between 9;00/12;00 / clean-seamless- tight, excellent subs

Mirage BPS 400 for .1 effects in the rear of setup away from walls -- killer .1 effects

Recently 2019, purchased a New pair of Klipsch Cornwall mk3s for dedicated stereo... Chose these over Magicos and yes to me they sounded better, by a big margin.. Amplifier friendly at 103db sensitivity and revealing as all get out, dynamics, lifelike music in my room or still captivating sound at whisper volume, and to me that's the acid test of any good or great transducer... Period!
CD Player/DAC: 2 Sony cdpcx 400 jukeboxes / Monarchy 24/96 DIP / 2 More SONY CDPCX355 300 Disc Jukeboxes, Going for a total of nine into DACS three digital feeds via daisychaining...

Sony C222ES SACD

Kora Hermes 24/192 oversampling DAC w/ CV2492/E88CC Mullard 1975 Pearl Cryovalves matched pair gold pins

Stereo Dac 2019,Lampizator Lite 7 dht set with stock 101 ds, Sophia Electric 2a3s,and waiting on a prepaid pair of western electric 300b tubes matched pair from Rossville works, and my latest email says they're moving my order into datecoding..i believe I'll have them folks... Transparent Reference xl rca interconnects, hideously expensive, but wow... The sound is unbelievable.. Ultras in my hometheatre are great but these are on another level, I may add a second pair and possible speaker cables...
Turntable/Phono Stage: Technics SL1200 MK2

Stanton 681 EEE MK3 cart
Dennon dl-s1 MC cart
Audio Tech. 440 MLA cart

2019 Stereo VPI Prime Super Scout in white finish, beautiful table... Keiseiki purple heart cartridge.. Transparent reference phono cables..
Sent the Manley packing and got Keith Herrons mk2 Htsp phonostage, wow!

Bellari Vp 129 Phono into Plinius M8 Preamp
Jolida jd 9 MC phono
1965 ECC83/12XA7 MULLARD...
nos telefunken ecc83/12ax7 smooth plate

Stock tube wasnt bad but the refinement is welcome...

KAB Mods and tuberolling to follow...

Other Source(s): Magnum Dynalab 102 triode tuner w/ remote,gold faceplate, Kimber Kable /

MD ST 2 indoor ant.

APS 13 roofmount w/ Channel Master 9521 remote antennae rotator, WOW, potential reached!!!

2019 Stereo Innuos Zenith mk3 music server, wonderful combo with Lampizator dac, Reference Audio labs cryo Ethernet rj45i2s cable ,2 runs 1 to APC FOR protection and another out to Innuos, wireworlds platinum starlight USB cable out to my Dac.

Mullard 1964 nos tubes platinum matched pair
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Transparent super bi-cables on 102s- 10 inch amp tails for spread to positive posts in 102s mono operation/

Plus bi cables on center 10 inch spread also/

Plus bi cables on surrounds- normal tails

High current dual runs while expensive worth it in my system allowing amplifiers and speakers to 'see' the highs and lows distinctly separate from one another--not subtle improvements in all areas!

Transparent ultra rca interconnects from Pioneer Elite VSX74TXVi AV receiver front left right outs. to Plinius M8 processor inputs

Also Transparent Ultras from Kora Hermes rca outs to Plinius m8

Transparent Ultras rca Magnum Dynalab tuner to m8 preamp. Wrmth of copper...
Multiple runs of Siltech 220i for CJ preamp
xlr Siltech SQ28 from plinius m8 to sa 102s-9 feet, better synergy nice ballance in highs with Trans.

Transparent 10 gauge super powercords for amps/ Kora dac Transparent digital

streightwire rapsody, megalink digital and homegrown audio siverlace... all transparent eventually

Dayton Glass toslink for jukeboxes - big improvement over monster light-speed!
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Current design pc8 plus video with sequential turn on, coaxial ins for tuners outside 2nd antenna, phone line etc.. voltage readout, French piezo alarm, gas arrestor fuses... ample protection
3 Apc S Type 15 line conditioners with battery backup, silver faceplates aesthetically very pleasing with many useful features

3 20 amp 220 volt circuits. 10 gauge romex dedicated lines for SA amplifiers

several 15 amp 120 volt circuits for conditioners/ front end equ.

Lovan Classic series racks w/ gold caps flanking monitor

Adona Amplifier stands 2 silver frames w/wt. marble for silver SA 102-100mk3/

Black frame w/blue pearl granite for black SA102 amp

Tweaks: Cable Elevators

Cardas emi/rfi logo caps on unused rca/xlr
Room Size (LxWxH): 19 x 19 x 15 cath.l
Room Comments/Treatments: Considering some tube traps etc...
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Classic rock /Alternative rock,

Jazz both modern and classic jazz from golden era, Contemporary jazz

Classical orchestras to stretch system limits new ground for me- jazz and classical- Ive found the new living stereo sacds to be very nice along with Bill Frisells new direct to disc CD titled 'East/West be an absolute stunner talk about unheard of gems! Enjoying most of his catalogue- utterly unique guitarist

Some Motown and some country and select bluegrass pretty diverse with exceptions of Rap or Opera--- And NO HEAVY METAL.... NOT!

Delta as well as all blues... once you've settled into a system, the music becomes my explorational playground - so to speak...
System Goals/Comments: To stay with the proverbial moving bullet when it comes to AV processing. Tired of waiting for higher end manufacturers to incorporate current technologies into there respective lines,not that its their fault as much as I like Classes AV preamp I believe from this point on I will stay with Recievers that are highly disposable every so often...they seem to keep up with the technology that drives this market better IMHO.
System Strengths: Can play just about any format;

'Mirage speakers dynamics/ soundstage-like on pink floyds live 'pulse'cd these speakers have a way with ambient information that put you they're!Any well recorded CD or source material is a sonic treat. USE DISCRETION with my power on hand and keep it under a certain volume level or they'll tend to-- lets be honest 'Blow your friggin ears out' but keep the volume dialed in right and you're they're. :o}

Also the midrange is very nice- WARM AND VERRRY LIQUID with this front end.

And of course system synergy: Plinius no doubt a remarkably musical line of amplification. Tops IMHO....
System Weaknesses: Mirage again=exactly the opposite of Audio Physics Virgos,yet similar- in a word 'imaging'. In this regard they re not tightly detailed or pinpoint but they're ability to lay out instruments and separate sounds is fantastic. Never do I hear sound overlapping or congealing. Also prefer passive bass instead of internal mosfet amp. Don't get me wrong Thomas Norton a tough reviewer that was tech. man at stereophile mag. at the time before J.A. declared the mirage om6 a class 'B full range $$$' WITH NO COLORATIONS AND THAT ONE WOULD HAVE TO LOOK LONG AND HARD TO FIND A SPEAKER THAT COVERS THIS MUCH OF THE FREQUENCY SPECTRUM' also very seductive and pulls you in sound .The dynamics are fantastic even with plinius 102 monoblocks purchased in July of 2004 these Handle the power to resolve more information without breaking a sweat. Imaging is surprisingly good with my current setup, albeit not of the cookie cutter variety. KEEPERS.
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: Pioneer elite 730 hdmi 65 inch crt high definition; great set actualy preferred over plasma for its deep blacks and rich colors, not to mention it looks like my mirage speakers and pioneer set came out of the same factory with the piano gloss black and gold piping...

2018 update Epson 4000 4k projector along with a 120 inch DNP, stands for Din Nippon printing of Denmark, Supernova core 2 ambient light rejecting screen or alr for short.
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: Arranging purchase of classes ssp300. The heck with it...

Got a great deal at Tweeter on a---

Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi AV Receiver

With Ilink for single cable full bandwidth SACD, DVD AUDIO,PCM CD ETC.. resolution from my Elite 59AVI,bass management crossover ect.

also includes XM ,ipod,

MCAXX Auto Calibration with microphone reads my systems speaker sizes/ setup along with room and sets settings, tweak able if you like,

2018 Pioneer elite 503 receiver as processor.

Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): Mirage om6-om10s mc2/bps 400-.1 low frequency sub used only in movies, BIG BIPOLAR .1 LOW FREQUENCY EFFECTS/ two bag end 18 infrasubs - these operating out of my plinius m-8 rcas and only through my home theatre bypass and 2 channel music listening, yes all three subs in movie mode are active but system [subs] are usually kept very low using subs internal volume, I get a very satisfying smooth musical bass tone at all times,all three subs are sealed acoustic suspension as are the om6 no tuned ports except my mc2 center and om 10 surrounds. Very clean and dynamic.
Sources (DVD/VCR): Dish Network VIP 211 w/ HDMI feed, sirius radio through Pioneer Rec. etc.

Oppo bdp 105

Pioneer elite bdp 95

Pioneer Elite 59av

Toshiba SD 3109 HDCD
Other HT Gear: Apc s type 15 line conditioners with battery backup, silver beauties all 3 of them
Comments on HT System: Absolutely love it.

Would like to thank local dealers Columbia audio/video for speaker's.

Audio Consultants for tuner and cabling.

And finally Mick at Quintessence audio [plinius] for pleasurable buying experiance.

In closing also Vincent Galbo for his guidence and help buying my Plinius P8 and Black 102, and for all his help on my initial Plinius SA 100mk3.

All my equipment was purhased new with the exception of my SA 100mk 3. Nothing wrong with used though I prefer: being first
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: My Faith...


My Ever patient and tolerating Wife...

My 2 Lovely Daughters...

Outdoors, Fishing on the big lake Michigan for Salmon and Perch...

Seemingly, strangely, more and more this website? Whats up with

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