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drlowmu's drlowmu System
IP Address: Last Update: February 01, 2022 at 18:29:16
Amplifier: Started with a stock Dyna 70 and then some solid state amps followed by a host of tube amps, Dyna 70 modded, Marantz 7Bs, 9s, Peploe Dual-100s, Audio Research D-75 through D-76A, and ......from 1982 on,...... my own designs, but Bob Fulton mentored, ....DIY triode amps. Using only 6B4G, 2A3 and globe Type 50s as finals, usually P-P A1.

Amp: ( 1998-2000) : DIY Type 227 meshplate / AC coupled into UTC splitter trannie into P-P 2A3s operating in A1. Separate Power supply for each stage, PTs under 8 ohms DCR and four 5Z3s for each stage's B+ rectification.

Prior system (6-2008): Tom Moore wire modified HK 430, a solid state receiver from the late 1970s, simply wonderful with less than high efficiency speakers I may use. Proper amp for the load!!

( System 4-15-2015 to 12-01-16 ) Two stage direct coupled SE Type 12AX7 - 45 amplifier with a modern power supply. In a prototype and finalizing form.

( System 12-01-16 to 1-07-17 ) Compared Type 45 to a JJ 2A3-40, and the JJ smoked the Type 45 tube. ( Broad and shallow midrange suck-out with 45 tube, no one ever talks about much, never allows it to play in the midrange, and especially the lower piano registers, with proper linear power. UGH. ) JJ 2A3-40 was delightful versus ST 45.

( 12-01-16, to 1-07 17 ) Fired up my very first FIRST dual mono JJ 2A3 amp.

( 1-7-17,on ) Disassembled dual-mono amp.

(2021) developed a two stage, directly coupled, zero NFB stereo 6005 amplifier, which I like a lot.

(2022) Developing a similar 6005 DC SE amplifier, with a 6E6P-E driving THREE 6005s in SE - Parallel. The TRIPLE 6005 will man-handle my ALTEC 515B 15 inch woofers.

Keeping 2021 stereo DC SE amp also ( uses a single 6005 per channel).
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): Original system (6-1979 to 12-2016): Tom Moore modified Fulton dual-mono Bravura - all direct-coupled, RIAA and line preamp.

( 12-2016 on ) Ron Sutherland PH3D phono stage, operates on multiple D-Cells for B+. Cost effective unit, versus performance.

Q2-2017 ) Building a very high quality system attenuator, a needed and fun piece for ALTEC A7-800 system.

(2021) Trevor Lees Cascode 12AX7 phono preamp
Speakers: Previously, used two High Efficiency speakers, one low efficiency, as follows :

System 1 : Eight inch Norelco 9710Ms in Bass Reflex enclosures with critically damped port, or ......

System 2 : HUGE RCA MI-1428B Field Coils adapted to MI-9595 Treble Horns (90 by 40 degree) & RCA 'Ubangie' Bass Horns. (Ubangies are dual 15 inch woofers in large front-firing bass horn.)

System 3...lower efficiency : 7-way / 10 driver Fulton Premiere P-12 with mods, +/- 2 dB, 12 Hz to 100,000 HZ

(1979 to 6-2008) FMI 80 bookshelf speakers, very satisfying after all these years of chasing good audio.

E.V. TRXB early 16 Ohm units on a mediocre open baffle.

( Q1-2016 to forever ) a VOTT A7-800 ALTEC system, pairs of 515Bs, 802Ds remagged and GPA re-diaphragmed. ALTEC 811B horns . 515B woofers run FULL RANGE, zero crossover on them. Built my own 800 HZ 802D tweeter crossover, system is UP AND PLAYING. DYNAMIC as all get out !! VERY fussy on set up. Tells the truth!! Like it so far. Plan to keep it and optimize it.
CD Player/DAC: Conrad-Johnson Sonographe SD-1, heavily wire modified, seldom used anymore.

(8-2015) Pioneer ELITE Blu Ray player, BDP-09FD, 31 pound unit.
Turntable/Phono Stage:

Present system (6-2008, on) : Spanish K.M. Audio Linear belt-drive turntable with 'big' European platter, rebuilt (special wire and all ceramic bearings) Fulton tonearm, Fulton Kinetic Barrier Turntable Mat and 13 Fulton Moving Coil conical cartridges. 'Large' Fulton step-up transformer, ground wire modified. This is my phono playback for past 45 years in audio !!

Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: Fulton Interconnects .

Q1-2016, tripled-up ( three 12 AWG in parallel ) twisted 12 AWG Mil Spec wire, copper stranded, silver plated, teflon jacketed, per POLARITY at two times 57 1/8th inches ( Fulton multiples ). XLO spades, Wonder soldered.
Room Comments/Treatments: Not large enough in my latest place.
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): Anything well done, I have, since 1962, carefully collected over 10,000 LPs.
System Goals/Comments: Conveys the musical experience
System Strengths: Timbre first, dynamics and naturalness.
System Weaknesses: Not always UP and running !! Systems are almost always in a state of flux. Yikes !!
Video/HT System: None
TV/Projector: Sony
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: NA
Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): NA
Sources (DVD/VCR): Only a Pioneer ELITE BDP-09FD Blue Ray player for CD playback, 29 pounds, with Fulton Brown speaker wire AC cord.
Other HT Gear: NA
Comments on HT System: NA
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Other Interests : Get REAL.....Is there anything besides audio ??

Occupation : Semi Retired. I trade the stock market since 1969.

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