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Jeff's Upstairs 7.2 HT System
IP Address: Last Update: October 20, 2016 at 19:37:17
Amplifier: see HT
Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): none
Speakers: see HT
CD Player/DAC: see HT
Other Source(s): Technics dual well cassette
Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
Speaker Cables/Interconnects: 14 gauge zip cord (Philips brand that came with gold plated (!) pin plugs)
Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): I actually have installed on the service panel an old Joslyn surge arrestor (the size of a soft drink can) that is just a stack of aluminum disks so the breakdown voltage to jump the oxide layers is high enough that only serious surges set it off (when it clamps down it takes a fraction of a second to recover).
Room Size (LxWxH): 35' x 12' x 8'
Room Comments/Treatments: Front of system is setup 12' from east end of room (facing west), surrounds are at 10' and 20' from front. There are 6.5' x 6' alcoves on both the left and right (the front line is setup in line with the corners where the alcoves start-the north alcove is the head of the stairway).
Music Preferences and Comments:
Music Used (Genre/Selections): TV and DVD soundtracks
System Goals/Comments: convenience and adequate performance (strong subs are a must!)
System Strengths: convenient and cheap
System Weaknesses: see HT
Video/HT System: Integrated
TV/Projector: JVC 65" LED
Processor/Receiver/Amplifiers: Yamaha 7.2 receiver with 115w/ch
Speakers (Center, Surrounds, Sub): 7 MCM 50-6255 and 2 DIY subs (55-2355 MCM 10's with 50-6274 Mission 100w plate amps in a pair of 2 ft^3 boxes)
Sources (DVD/VCR): Sony Blue Ray, Toshiba combo DVD/VCR
Other HT Gear: I can monitor the security camera/mic sequencer on the system.
Comments on HT System: I can hear the prologic "steering": spoken sibilants start out left/right and collapse to the center speaker. It is less obvious since I went to all matching speakers.
100w pushing 89dB/w mini speakers can run out of gas above 90 dB (C weighted) at the listening position.
URL Link: http://www.geocities.ws/loudspeakerguru
Other Interests/Hobbies/Occupation: Bass and midbass horn enclosure design and construction (well, I do simpler speaker projects also): occupation - industrial/commercial electrical sales, mostly OEM's but also panelboards up to 3000 amps and controls too.

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