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Feedback for Mike Mount

Mike Mount - Music Lover/Audiophile
midwest, United States

Posts: 570, Send Email

Date Registered: September 25, 2004
Last Post: RE: Clapton GETS IT!!! An informed man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 23:48:44 on November 2, 2021
Systems: 1. 2nd (bedroom)
2. Main Music Room
Occupation: Retired Imaging/Electronics Expert
Technical Marketing and Sales Training for leading CAMERA company (Canon USA)
Interests/Hobbies: I am back to building and hot rodding vintage audio gear. I love the work.

Photography...(yes) and music are principle interest. (critical for *maintainence*) staying young. I l o v e GERMAN cars - cooking and fine wine, travel, hiking, bicycli
Other: Vast experience in ADVANCED SPORTS NUTRITION. *HAD to learn* with 20 years of exercise, fitness and bodybuilding. Entire family invloved in health care (but me) - spent much time at hospital with my dad (Pathologist) learned (first hand) very much..
Gender: Male
Age: 57

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